SANABI: How to Beat the Final Boss on the Legend Difficulty

Let’s look at the attacks and tactics for the Sanabi final boss



Sorry for mistakes if they will be

As an old player (1st open beta), I decided to run in and go through ending 2 of Sanabi without worrying, on easy difficulty, and Lieutenant seemed simple to me and didn’t even pay attention to it

However, when I decided to end the legend difficulty, I realized that they would give me a challenge here and ended up staying for several hours

Therefore, a guide for those who have or will have difficulties with this seasoned army woman…

Attaks and movement

Attacks and movement are not something impossible, so let’s talk briefly about them:
Each attack has, so to speak, 2 versions, so let’s talk about them in pairs:

Shotgun fire

The lieutenant begins to shoot from a shotgun while standing still 4 times, as if slightly ahead of the player


(I came up with the names myself for simplicity)
The lieutenant teleports to a random location near the player and fires a shotgun 3 times

Fiery spin

The lieutenant takes a stance and spins his fiery hand 3 times
And then makes 3 quick attacks with a medium radius, moving towards the player

Iron spin

The lieutenant makes a quick attack with his hand and makes a grab if our hand is close to her

Grenade throw

The lieutenant throws 6-8 grenades in a fan towards the player in preparation

Retreat throw

The lieutenant throws several grenades after punch stun.


The fire spinner has 3 attack methods:

1: The lieutenant whistles twice – the spinner chases the player

2: The lieutenant whistles 1 time – the spinner returns to her and she throws it like a pinball (it bounces off the walls)

3: The Lieutenant returns the top and makes an AoE attack, causing pillars of fire


The lieutenant teleports to 5 platforms (very rarely under the middle)
Performing 1 teleportation and 2 will immediately be an attack (Tpfire), or 1 and then the 2nd, after which it begins to perform/charge an attack


The main difficulty of the boss is that the sequence of attacks is RANDOM.
This means that she can make identical attacks in a row, which can be cool, but sometimes ♥♥♥♥♥ AWFUL , so pray that you are lucky)Of course, I’m writing this guide for a reason, because there are a couple of tips and ways to simplify this boss

First, let’s talk about survival

“Are you ♥♥♥♥♥♥? I’ve been one-shot the whole game!!”

True, but we were taken care of and we have invulnerability frames in 4 cases:

  • 1. When we receive damage, we don’t even consider it
  • 2. When we make a dash (shift) on the chain, it lasts literally a couple of frames while we gain acceleration

  • 3. When we are pulled to the wall using a hook (space) – a similar situation as with shift, but we are much faster and simply dodge the source of damage
  • 4. Dash attack – here is our main tool

The dash attack has a range and a charging time, so you need to understand:
Because we are on equal terms with her and we get an advantage close and far from her because:

  • Melee attacks charge faster and stun
  • Ranged attacks have time to charge and provide invulnerability for the ENTIRE attack length

Therefore, we either attack quickly close, or far from it in advance

But we mustn`t forget that her behavior is chaotic, so she will often kill, especially counterattacks.

Exactly the same counterattacks as Justice, and also her own – disgusting.
But worse than that, you NEVER will know in advance when it will happen – according to experience, somewhere by chance in 1 out of 7 attempts.
Indeed, there are visual markers when you can’t attack her, but the chances of having time to cancel the attack (spacebar while shifting, if u dk) are almost zero

If you know how to do it and have time, write in the comments

About the attack time

Attacks can be parried except for interactions with the spinner, counterattacks and tpfire
You can make an attack after the start of the attack’s “charging” animation, or before if you predict where it will be approximately

It is better to attack during fire and grenade throws
In 1 case, you can strike or if you don’t have time to damage, then at least avoid the first strike
In 2 you have invulnerability so this is the easiest way

During normal shooting, this is also possible, but you must be in time either before the first shot or towards the second, otherwise – restart

During the cast of the spinning top, the Lieutenant is invulnerable, so it’s pointless, she will simply throw you away, and you will also be in a bad position

After the first AOE pillar, you can simply deal damage if you are directly above she

Dodges and tips

Probably the most important
If you play on a legend, then there should be no problems with fast and fairly accurate movement, and if there are, it will take more attempts, but you can do this

Some advice
-Quickly jump if she is chasing you, shifting +- during the attack to protect yourself
-Dodge the spinner first, and then deal damage
-Don’t rush, but don’t drag out the fight either (you’ll just lose concentration if you try too long)


Stage 1

The battle always starts with casting a top in one of 2 options, so for convenience I recommend choosing the attempt in which the top bounces off as it will bother you less time and often stays to the side without interfering

Next, the Lieutenant moves from the upper right platform (most often, but not always) to the nearly one and I recommend occupying (google translate so fun why not “take” nuh) it himself
On the left edge of the platform, the Lieutenant will come VERY OFTEN to the middle one – this is what we will use
Attacking and dodging we return to the same place, BUT after dealing damage to her 3 times, we move to the left – because the Lieutenant goes into stage 2 on the right and we will be thrown off from there, and therefore we will be in a bad position.

2nd stage

After 4 hits, the lieutenant goes into a rage, speeding up and improving his attacks:

  • -Fire spin faster
  • -The shotgun fires 5 times
  • -3 fans of grenades instead of 2 with a larger radius
  • – AOE makes 2 more pillars
  • -a counterattack like Justice appears more often

The lieutenant returns and again (ALWAYS) casts some kind of spinner, you’ll be lucky if it’s a bouncing spinner, because standing on the platform it will ricochet “somewhere out there” without interfering with you, at least for a while.

The tactics are basically the same, but faster heh
It’s difficult to recommend something useful here, so watch the video maybe you’ll see something useful for yourself.

Thanks to Saherit for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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