Coromon: Basic PvP Guide to Get Started

Recommended basics to start playing the competitive Coromon



Coromon got REALLY accessible to enter the PvP after finishing the Story mode, so I’m making this guide to make it even more accessible to understand what you really need to actually enter the PvP.

I also am expecting you to know how to get to the teambuilder part of the game

The Coromons


Before you start playing, I recommend you get at least one coromon of each line so you can get easily access their moveset before playing and start the PvP with a good amount of options to test.

Use the Coromon Tracker[]! it doesnthave the new coromons yet

Preparing the Coromon

One thing that I will remind/teach you, the reader, every time I think its important to, is that you don’t need to have a Perfect Coromon to have all the necessary potential points, you dont need it to be lvl 99 nor have the trait you want to use, you really just need it to be on the last evolution of its line.

Visual Example
You can edit everything
But, as I said, you need to get it to the last evolution of its line, or you will not be able to use the enhanced traits

Still using that Lvl 6 Swurmy as an example, heres the Potential spread, with the 126 avaiable points and its moveset, the line only learns Transcending and Sandman at level 45 and 54, respectively

Skill Flashes

The skill flashes

You can get some playing ranked that How I got most of them

The List of TMs and places you can find them []

Milestones and Items


Will take a detour to talk about good ways to level Milestones.
When I had to grind for PvP, I needed to get every coromon to around level 60, so I separated a afk/braindead way to grind coromon levels and battles for the Milestones, Infinix at the 4f of the Ice Caves.

The Place

You go to the 5f, then go back to the 4f

The Infinix

Spread and moveset, you use ALMO STONE if avaiable:

You click Detonate on every ice wild coromon, clearing wind on Atlantern and Blazing Feathers if you need to heal. The Infinix must be above level 60 and, when it reaches around lvl 90 it can just click Detonate it might have a problem with Shiny Atlantern sometimes.

Battle Dome

If you think are ready, you can ditch this leveling proccess to just use the Battle Dome at the Radiant Park, all the teambuilding things I said counts there.


After you got everything from the milestones, there are some items left.
Check the link for a better explanation and list
Items []
For fruits, you can buy most of them on Darudic!

~le End

Most resources on teambuilding are on the Competitive channel on the official discord [] and other users servers(specifically Illugin’s Tower of Illusion ), as this mini guide is just preparation to start playing the competitive, check the resources out and ask for help to build a team to your liking!

Will try to update this guide if needed

Thanks to Simply Too Based for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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