Sakura Succubus 7 Walkthrough (100% Achievements Guide)

Here is a full walkthrough to let you get all achievements in the game.



  • Start

Early to Rise Wake up next to Stephania
  • It’s fine. You can rely on me all you want.

Maid to Serve Breakfast from an Astorian Maid
  • I’m not offended at all.

Cat Cafe Watch Cosmos and Elizabeth serve

Booba Tea Is this really a trend?
  • Ask Elizabeth if she wants you to go with her.
  • I think it tastes great!

Gotta Go Fast Watch Ayu suffer on a rollercoaster
  • Any option.

Meet Cute Run into a mysterious girl
  • I think you look fine.

Arm in Arm Let Yue cling to you
  • Any option.

Gotta go Faster Let Yue and Stephania enjoy the ride
  • It’s cute.

A rousing Performance Watch Ayu perform

Cozy Cat Nap Experience a wholesome moment with Ayu and Cosmos
  • I wouldn’t mind.
  • Save 1
  • Of course I do!

In a Bind See Stephania tied up

Ensnared Is this really a spell?

Sticky Succubi Your hero covered in slime

None shall pass Let Yue use her magic

Common Ground Back to her senses

A Lady and her Maid Stephania and Elizabeth reunited

Kiss Kiss Fall in Love Get a kiss from your cute, goth succubus
  • Load 1
  • I’m not in the mood.

Thanks to Pri and lylat for their excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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