Saiko no sutoka no shiki: All Endings Guide

Dive into the eerie and captivating universe of “Saiko no Sutoka No Shiki,” a spin-off that takes the original “Saiko no Sutoka” experience to an entirely new level. For those familiar with the chase and survival against the relentless Saiko, this guide promises to navigate you through the darker, more complex corridors of its successor, where choices lead to startling revelations and endings.


Navigating the Endings

This game presents players with a rich tapestry of outcomes, each branching from pivotal choices within the game. Let’s dissect these paths to ensure you can achieve the resolution you seek.

  • First Ending: To achieve this ending, embrace a non-violent approach. Refrain from eliminating the Caracass and resist the temptation to arm the Doctor. This route emphasizes compassion over confrontation, offering a unique perspective on the game’s narrative.
  • Second Ending: Similar to the first, this ending requires you to spare the Caracass. The twist comes when you decide to entrust the gun to the Doctor, a choice that alters the game’s dynamics and unveils new narrative layers.
  • Third Ending: This time, take a more aggressive stance by eliminating the Caracass. However, keep the gun for yourself, choosing self-reliance over partnership with the Doctor. This ending explores themes of solitude and determination.
  • Fourth Ending: Combine aggression with alliance by both eliminating the Caracass and providing the gun to the Doctor. This ending delves into the complexities of trust and teamwork in dire circumstances.
  • Fifth Ending (Secret Ending): The elusive secret ending is a reward for the diligent. After securing the fourth ending, discover the hidden room and the “Weird Package” within. Begin a new journey, package in tow, and find the yellow mailbox near the college campus’s bus stop. This act unlocks a narrative so cryptic and intriguing, it’s bound to leave an indelible mark on your gaming experience.
  • Sixth Ending (Doctor’s Ending): To unlock the Doctor’s narrative, complete the main campaign to access “Doctor Mode.” This ending offers a fresh viewpoint, enriching the game’s story with new insights and revelations.

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