Saiko no sutoka no shiki: All Cheat Codes

Embark on a thrilling journey through the twisted world of “Saiko no Sutoka No Shiki” with this comprehensive cheat code guide. Designed for the Windows version on Steam, these cheats offer a unique twist to your gameplay, allowing you to manipulate the game environment to your advantage. However, tread carefully, as employing these cheats will temporarily disable your ability to earn achievements until you restart the game.


How to Enter Cheat Codes

To activate these cheats, you must first acquire the in-game phone. Once in possession, dial the specific numbers listed below to unleash a variety of effects, from spawning weapons to changing character outfits and even teleporting across the game’s eerie landscape.


The Codes Unveiled

  • [5555]: Summons the Keef Mask, a mystical item that can keep Elissu at bay, providing a strategic advantage in evading her grasp.
  • [3495]: Spawns a hammer, granting you a robust tool for defense or to interact with the environment in new ways.
  • [7658]: Conjures an axe, offering a potent means of protection or to cut through obstacles.
  • [2034]: Brings forth a bat, providing a balanced weapon for defense and mobility.
  • [9548]: Materializes a knife, a swift and silent option for close encounters.
  • [2299]: Produces a gun, offering a ranged defense option against lurking dangers.
  • [5543]: Spawns scissors, a unique tool for close-range defense or interaction with specific game elements.
  • [4398] & [4399]: These codes transform Elissu’s outfit into a nurse or maid costume, respectively, adding a layer of customization to your gameplay experience.
  • [0909]: Teleports you to the shrine, a crucial location for various game objectives or strategies.
  • [9898] & [9494]: Spawn meat (hand/feet) or a heart in front of you, potentially as bait or for other strategic uses.
  • [9393]: Summons Yui in the forest, introducing new dynamics and challenges to your game.
  • [9191]: Spawns a mobile in front of you, perhaps to offer communication or other interactive possibilities.
  • [9090] & [9999]: Teleport to the exit gate (specifically in Hell and Rotten modes) or back to the start gate, allowing for quick navigation or escape from perilous situations.

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