Sacred Stones: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a 100% achievement guide for you to get through Sacred Stones game.


  • All achievements can be earned by playing on easy difficulty.
  • Make sure to get all the missable achievements before killing the final boss in each area as that progresses you to the next stage automatically.
Estimated 100% Time: less than 1 hour if you play on easy
Stone boss area
Simply collect the weapon.

The Journey Begins
Get your first weapon.

Simply reach the room in the screenshot below and enter the small door.
Beating this boss will give you a key needed to unlock an achievement later on.

Eye of the Eagle
Enter the hidden stage at the Stone boss stage

Simply beat the boss of the stage.

Beat the Stone boss.

Stage 1 – Jungle
First get some oil from the ship in the upper area.

After getting the oil enter the spaceship to get the shield.

Great Adventurer
Collect the Fuel and the Shield in the Jungle.

Can technically be missed if you forget to pick it up.
Pick up the mine weapon that drops after killing one of the bosses.

Bomb Squad
Get the Mine weapon.

Simply beat all the bosses in the area.

Jungle Conquerer
Clear Stage 1.

Stage 3 – Cold
To find the hidden boss climb up on the chains on the left part of the area, and jump to the right when you are all the way up top.

Defeat the hidden boss in the snowy fields.

Technically missable if you forget to pick it up.
It should drop from one of the bosses.

The Destroyer
Get the MI-DX Bullet Bullet weapon.

Simply beat all the bosses in the area.

Cold Resilient
Clear Stage 3.

Stage 2 – Desert
Pick up this weapon on the lower part of the area.

Get the X-ZERO Bullet weapon

You need to use the X-Zero Bullet weapon to hit the cloud and grab the shield.

I Hate Rainy Weathers
Get rid of the Storm Cloud and collect the Shield in the Desert.

Simply beat all the bosses in the area.

Desert Conquerer
Clear Stage 2.

Stage 4 – Finale
You will find a bird on the lower left part of the area.
Jump on it and keep jumping as it flies up, you will find the shield all the way up top.
Note: You need the key card that you get from killing the hidden boss on the stone stage to open the door that leads to the shield.

Lucky Birb
Collect the Hidden Shield in the final stage

Simply beat the final boss.
He got 2 stages.

A God No More
Defeat the Final Boss.

After the game ends, simply select the credits in the main menu.

They Are Special
Watch through the title credit.

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