Redout Space Assault: All Blueprint Locations

A short video guide for all the blueprints that appear as optional objectives.


1-3 “Like Wolves on the Prowl”
This one is fairly basic. The blueprints are big and well… blue, and you can see all three if you follow the tokens.

2-1 “Reconnaissance”
Very easy blueprint. Small hole on the right side of the very first asteroid interior.

Also: there are two different entrances to the mining operation, and you’ll need to collect the tokens at the entrance of both to complete the other objective, so you’ll have to double back before you reach the point of no-return.

2-4 “Double Tap”
Head down and slightly to the right from the start, the blueprint is nestled against the spotty asteroid on the side facing the Earth.

4-2 “Carl Harp Poseidon”
This one is harder to find. Head up and slightly to the right from the start, it’s on top of one of the smaller asteroids near the rightmost beacon.
5-1 “In the Dirt”
Fairly simple. Head straight down underneath the space rock, the blueprint is nestled under a small outcrop on the opposite side from where you started.

Note: This guide is still work in progress. we will update later.

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