RoboCop: Rogue City – All Collectibles Guide

This is an attempt to list all collectibles and secrets obtainable in Robocop, as well as optimizing upgrade points for skill checks by listing which stats are necessary to achieve desired dialogue results. Since all collectibles except radios contribute XP points, this is the best way to level up stats. There are several that I have missed, so if anybody spots something, let me know so I can append it to this guide.


TV Station

Scannable objects:
1. Overdosed civilian in basement
2. Short circuited service box in basement
3. Antidepressants in sideroom before first breach on high-rise level

Police Station #1

1. ROBOCOP PROGRAM, on crate to the left of Robocop’s cell
2. TO SGT. REED, on table to the right of Robocop’s cell
3. POLICE GOING PRIVATE, in phone booth in lobby
4. INCIDENT REPORT, on chair in lobby

Downtown #1

Protect and Serve Objectives:
1. Radio hooligans in front of grocery (unmarked)
2. Parking meter in front of cinema
3. Graffiti artist across from laundromat (unmarked)
4. Drunk hobo on couch under the north overpass
5. Fire hydrant in front of Briggs’ apartment
6. Harassment in front of Jolly Burger
7. Oil spill in front of Jolly Burger
8. Litterbug on waterfront near Casey Carmel murder

All Scannable Objects, Notes, and Secrets:
1. Broken payphones near squad car, in front of grocery, near tattoo parlor, working payphones in Mega Store parking lot toward waterfront and next to cinema
2. NOTICE!, in laundromat
3. Radio in laundromat
4. Graffiti artist’s footprints near autoshop
5. 7 clues in autoshop if speech check not used, battery, tax return, and note HE DID IT AGAIN! are relevant
6. NO HARD FEELINGS, in Scott’s garage
7. Gang Stash in small garage nearby
8. Gang Stash at far end under north overpass
9. Chalk outline in basketball court
10. INDEPENDENT NEWS #14, in garbage can behind squad car
11. Oil spill behind gate
12. Shoe print
13. Locked garage door
14. Dumpsters
15. Wooden door
16. Unreachable ladder
17. Chalk near van
18. Kuzak Stinks graffiti across from courthouse (SCAN THIS BEFORE TALKING TO GRAFFITI ARTIST)
19. Gang stash at southern end of waterfront
20. Casey Carmel’s body
21. Steel chimney pipe
22. Victim’s other shoe
23. Spilled garbage
24. Blood stain near ladder
25. Tire tracks at crime scene
26. Sunblock 5000 on set table
27. Storyboard
28. Tire tracks at set
29. Gang Stash in garage behind courthouse
30. Sunblock stains on gas station door
31. Tire tracks in gas station
32. Mattress in gas station
33. Camera bulb in wall
34. WHY DO YOU THREATEN ME?, in hidden room in gas station
Arcade: 1. Slouching kid at arcade console
2. Puddle of vomit next to claw machine
3. Kid with bloodshot eyes at arcade console
4. Lubricant syringe on floor near console
5. BUSINESS LETTER, in supply closet
6. Junkie kid in bathroom
7. SAY NUKE OR NOT AT ALL!, in basement
8. INSTALLATION NOTICE, in manager’s room
9. Safe Code on calendar
10. Button on right side of desk
11. OCP disk in gated room button unlocks
Chop Shop: 1. Footprints
2. Secret button near barrels
3. OCP disk in office to the left
4. Safe code in rear office on cabinet poster
5. OCP crate under stairs
6. Hidden door upstairs with gang stash
Ghost House: 1. Safe Code on cabinet next to exposed toilet
2. OCP crate at Pickles
Briggs Apartment: 1. Floormat clue in basement
2. Gang Stash in basement
3. Family photo in apartment near TV
Maurice’s Apartment: 1. Broken door
2. Family photo in bathroom
3. Drugs on table
4. Broken phone near TV
5. Laundry schedule on bed
6. FRIENDLY WARNING, in bedroom
7. Spilled drugs on floor

Skill Checks:
1. Psychology 2 for Torch Heads in Arcade basement
2. Psych 2, Deduction 2, or Engineering 2 for Ben
3. Psych 2 for Maurice
4. Psych 2 for Jerry Jenkins


Scans, Notes, and Secrets:
1. NEW KING note
2. Safe code on poster in room beneath safe room
3. Poster in “Boomer” warehouse hides Gang Stash
4. NOTICE OF CONCERN in “Boomer” warehouse
5. OCP crate en route to Soot’s after concert room
6. Safe Code for Soot’s room in SOOT’S BIRTHDAY GIFT note

Police Station #2

1. Radio right outside of Robocop’s’ cell
2. BLUE BROTHERS, in Ramirez’ locker
3. HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION in front of computer en route to briefing room;

1. Cop by window, cop at computer, sleeping cop, Officer Kowalsky
2. Three functional servers, one compromised server bank

Steel Mill

OCP Crates:
1. down ramp, behind machinery to the left as soon as map starts
2. down alley past SHARE YOUR DOUBTS note
3. in side room in brick building with blood trail
4. in corner alley behind first loudspeaker
5. in Worker’s Space bathroom
6. Up ladder to first grenadier’s balcony
7. In front of first radioman’s building
8. On third floor of right radioman’s building
9. down corridor to the right of Murphy’s chalkline
10. upstairs to the right of Murphy’s chalkline
11. In building to the right before quarry gate entrance
12. In building left of quarry gate, after opening
13. in room left of breach in North Stronghold (drugs)
14. In shack to left path en route to West Stronghold
15. In alley behind West Stronghold
16. West Stronghold basement, behind concrete barriers to the left
17. in Freezer
18. up ladder on left side of train after it moves
19. in Tunnels beneath train, next to sewer
20. at dead end in northeast corner of Tunnels
21. after ED-209 challenge, before entering boss arena
22. in left room after dropdown in boss arena
23. ???
I know there are more than 22 because I failed to get the reward at the post-mission evaluation, please let me know if you find them so I can add them to this guide.

Notes, Scans, and Secrets:
1. SHARE YOUR DOUBTS, to the right after the first door
2. Gang Stash in room above Briggs’ car
3. Briggs’ squad car
4. OCP disk in shack under second grenadier
5. KUZAK VS DELTA CITY, on second floor of right radioman building
6. Murphy’s chalkline in Warehouse Office
7. PCB near TV in Warehouse Office
8. Radio on second floor of warehouse right behind train
9. Scuff marks indicating gang stash
10. Gang stash on second floor of train warehouse
11. Train Operator’s Handbook in T-junction in trench
12. PCB by drug stash in North Stronghold
13. Safe Code on calendar by bathroom of West Stronghold
14. Safe on second floor of West Stronghold
15. NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS, in West Stronghold basement
16. Briggs’ police gear in Freezer locker room
17. PCB in OCP crate up ladder from train

NOTICE: There are no collectibles in ED-209 challenge, but you can start the train in the second area to blow up all the enemies at once.

Skill Checks: Engineering 3? (need to double-check) to start train without the guidebook clue.

Hospital #1

1. Radio past reception, left of elevators
2. SECRET ADMIRER, on Info desk as soon as you get out of elevator
3. WHY DO THEY NEED BRAINS?, in morgue

Police Station #3

1. FAX FROM BABY MAID, on microwave in Robocop’s cell
2. Radio in lobby
3. REJECTION LETTER, at rear right corner desk of lobby
4. AUTOPSY REPORT, in dispatch


Scans, Notes, and Secrets:
1. Alex Murphy’s Property manila folder on second floor before letting in the ED-209s
2. OCP disk in same room as Alex Murphy’s Property
3. OCP crate before manager’s office, after conclusion of SWAT challenge
4. LETTER TO BE FRAMED in room with Samantha Ortiz
5. Bomb

Skill Checks:
1. two Engineering 4 checks for bomb defusal (no apparent effect)
2. two Armor 4 checks for bomb (auto-defuses on second check)

NOTICE: Samantha Ortiz is the “Arrest the Intruder” target, you cannot complete that objective unless she is detained, so if you really want that 400xp you have to put her hot latina ass behind bars.

Police Station #4

1. Fuse box in locker room
2. Fuse box in garage

1. Radio right outside Robocop’s cell
2. DON’T PANIC, at back left of lobby

Downtown #2

Protect and Serve:
1. Smoker at gas station
2. Boombox kid in basketball court (unmarked)
3. No Parking sign across from basketball court
4. Fire hydrant next to pawn shop
5. No Swimming sign at fountain
6. Pushy guy in alley behind cinema (unmarked)
7. Defaced campaign posters behind cinema
8. Guy throwing trash off the roof of the arcade

Scans, Notes, and Secrets:
1. Radio by Briggs’ Apartment
2. ATM left of courthouse (requires Engineering 3)
3. Radio by Ortiz’ storage
4. Weird painting in back of storage with lawnmower
5. Two OCP document cartons, and Samantha’s box
6. open Samantha’s box for LETTER TO SAMANTHA’S MOTHER
7. Chess table at southern end of waterfront park
8. Three storage garages, last one is Pickles
9. Gang Stash in fenced off area behind Maurice’s apartment, right of supermarket
10. Ben’s car, only if you choose to investigate Ben
11. Container, only if you choose to investigate Paranoid Vagrant
12. ONCE A MECHANIC, in Ben’s office
13. OCP access card in right courtroom
14. Motorbikes outside Ben’s shop, by gas station, lot outside grocery, outside Briggs’ Apartment, Spike’s is in back alley courtyard
Cat Lady’s Apartment:
1. MAINTENANCE LOG BOOK, as soon as you get in
2. Cabinet first door right of staircase
3. Bin second door left
4. Couch second door right
5. Blue barrel end of corridor
6. Crate left door before planks
7. Grill first door right after planks
8. Crate mid corridor
9. Strawberry jam
10. Fridge near piano
11. Piano
12. Wardrobe with cat in it
13. Dead man
14. LUCKY NUMBERS, inside lady’s bedroom
Samantha Ortiz’ Apartment:
1. DEAR CAT HELPER!, bottom of staircase
2. Tripwire upon entering
3. PCB in kitchen
4. STICKY NOTE, on fridge
5. Pizza box on table
6. Box of documents on couch
7. Electronic components beneath paintings
8. Scuff marks by bookcase
9. RENTAL INVOICE, in hidden room
10. OCP disk on chair in hidden room
Video Store:
1. Talk to clerk before you start scanning
2. two scans on thriller, two scans on drama with results
3. one scifi and one action with results, one each without
4. Computer
Tattoo Parlor:
1. Red tool chest
2. Biker goggles and keys on counter
3. Cooler on floor
4. Logbook behind store owner
5. Photo on the wall
Spike’s Apartment:
1. OCP disk in basement, first door on the right
2. Turn off the radio on table behind Spike so you can hear yourself think
3. Camera
4. Safe Code on tv set in bedroom
5. Safe behind cabinet left of computer
6. Antenna on windowsill

Skill Checks: Engineering 3 for ATM


1. Empty OCP box behind broken escalators after “DAD?” sequence

Police Station #5

1. MAGNAVOLT IS HIRING!, in main lobby on cardboard boxes
2. Radio to the right of Robocop’s cell

Hospital #2

1. BRAND NEW HEALTHCARE!, in main lobby seating

Becker’s Meeting

1. OCP crate behind left plywood structure
2. OCP crate behind you in corridor you came in
3. OCP crate on scaffolding above entry, in container
4. OCP crate in right rear, next to concrete staircase

Police Station #6

1. WHAT IS DELTA CITY?, in lobby above seat
2. radio outside briefing room


Notes, Scans, and Secrets:
1. Ruined bakery goods in warden’s office
2. PCB in guardroom upstairs from Cunning Prisoner
3. SHIFT START NOTES in panopticon from second-floor
4. PRISONER’S COMPLAINT by electric chair
5. BREAKING THE TRUCE behind axed inmate
6. OCP disk in guard room after C-block gauntlet

Skill Checks:
1. Deduction 5 for Cunning Prisoner next to gym (this appears to be bugged at maxed Deduction)
2. Psychology 5 for Maurice in laundry
3. Psychology 6 for Jerry Jenkins on gym bleachers

Hospital #3


Police Station #7

1. INTERVIEW INVITATION, on desk in lobby
2. Radio outside server room

1. Dispatch console
2. Dispatch input on right
3. Dispatch phone in center
4. Dispatch control panel center
5. Dispatch control panel left
6. Dispatch monitors
7. Dispatch receiver top left (target)
8. Answering machine (target)

NOTICE: This is the last time you get the bonus XP from evaluations, as the next time you visit the police station the chip will be taken out

Downtown #3

Protect and Serve:
1. Fire hydrant as soon as you get out of car
2. Oil Spill across street from arcade
3. Public drunkenness on waterfront by park
4. Daniel Briggs in front of his apartment (unmarked)

Scans, Notes, and Secrets:
1. OCP disk in fish market office
2. Radio under north overpass by sewer exit
3. Simon Page’s car’s headlights
4. MagnaVolt logo on car
5. Simon Page’s body
6. Witness across street
7. Container covering manhole to sewers
Star Motel:
1. Cat in room near entrance after fire starts
2. OCP crate in basement before sprinkler valve
Page’s Office:
1. Radio at Reception desk
2. Cardboard box by Agatha’s phone
4. Bookcase
5. Photo of boat by desk
6. Desk
7. Secret button on desk (2nd visit)
8. Computer for code if no Eng skill
9. PCB in panic room
10. OCP crate in panic room
Gloria’s Apartment:
1. OCP crate in basement, first door
2. Sleep meds in kitchen
3. KUZAK’S SPEECH DRAFT #1, on table
4. Earring on bathroom sink
5. Wine by couch
6. Schedule on desk
7. Sailing photo on nightstand
8. Rope in closet
1. Murdered workers in side corridor
2. Murdered worker on main route
3. Floodgate switch after trying it
4. Murdered hobos by mercenaries
5. OCP signal booster after breach
6. OCP disk through door on right after signal room
7. OCP crate and hobo past first turret
8. Sewage map in armory
9. Computer in armory with CONNECTION DETAILS note
10. OCP crate in hallway left of armory, toward exit

Skill Checks:
1. Engineering 6 to hack Page’s office keycard lock, and his panic room
2. Engineering 6 or Psychology 6 for Agatha Crane
3. Engineering 6 to hack the turrets in the sewers

OCP #1

Scans, Notes, and Secrets:
1. Security door lock
2. NEW DOOR CODE POLICY, in server room
3. Any poster for door code
4. SUICIDE NOTE, on right side of lobby by elevator
5. three notes right next to each other in office right of elevator MISSING OFFICE EQUIPMENT, TOILET ISSUE #1, TOILET ISSUE #2
6. OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE, in top floor office left of elevator
7. Radio through double doors downstairs right of elevator
8. PCB at Old Man’s seat at desk

Skill Checks:
1. Deduction 7 or Engineering 7 for security guard
2. Psychology 6 for Samantha Ortiz

Arms Expo

1. OCP crate before leaving Hall B
2. Rocket launcher far left wall of ED-209 room, grenade launcher far right
3. OCP disk second floor of EMP room

Skill Checks:
1. Engineering 6 to hack the turret to the left of presentation
2. Engineering 6 to hack doorlock

NOTICE: Kuzak will win reelection unless you tell the reporter you support Mills here

Police Station #8


Downtown #4

Scans, Notes, and Secrets:
1. Cobra assault cannon up ladder by ED-209
2. Grenade launcher behind truck near ED-209
3. Rocket launchers behind courthouse with lots of mercs
Chop Shop:
1. Street Vultures’ plans
2. OCP crate on upper office balcony
Secret Lab:
1. Three sets of X-rays on left wall
2. Body bag by second X-ray
3. Brain in a vat in first room on right
4. Documents on counter by third X-ray
5. Eight computers, the one by the brain has the code
6. MERCS’ FREQUENCIES, in server room on the left of the holding cell
7. Mechanical mount on ceiling

“Protect and Serve”:
1. Arcade
2. Briggs apartment
3. Barred door behind grocery
4. Laundromat (breach from either direction)
5. Ben’s auto shop (there’s a breach from the alley entrance)
6. Video store
7. Chop shop
8. Gang fight by overpass hobo encampment
9. Tattoo parlor
10. Sewers
14. Secret lab in apartment basement
Briggs Apartment:
1. Victim behind closed door at first landing
2. Second floor with tenant screaming for cat (cat is at the top of bedroom wardrobe)
3. Gail Briggs (be careful to hug left inside of staircase)

Skill Checks: Engineering 6 to hack the two turrets by ED-209, and the two behind courthouse

NOTICE: Kuzak will be reelected unless you explicitly sided with Mills at the Arms Expo

Delta City

1. OCP crate by first machine gun nest
2. OCP crate behind truck past turret hack

Skill Checks:
1. Engineering 6 to hack turrets after cobra gauntlet
2. 2nd turret hack up wooden ramp
3. 3rd turret hack up concrete staircase
4. 4th turret hack up final staircase before elevator

Police Station #9

1. REPLY TO MAGNAVOLT, on desk in lobby

OCP #2

No collectibles, but recommend visiting the boardroom right of the elevator before the CEO office

Thanks to Desperado for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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