Last Memories: Hints for Snake Puzzle

Hints for puzzle solving


General information

This article provides tips for solving the puzzle at hand, aiming to assist with challenges that may arise during the solving process. The game is designed to present a challenge to puzzle enthusiasts while remaining accessible to less experienced players. In the easy mode of the game, solving the puzzle is much simpler.

Difficulty difference
The puzzle’s solving process varies depending on the chosen difficulty. In easy mode, the pieces do not rotate, requiring the player only to position them correctly. Additionally, in easy mode, players can preview how the entire picture should appear, a feature not available in the normal mode.


Finding the Edge Pieces

Upon closer inspection of the puzzle pieces, it becomes evident that the snake’s image is against a uniform background of the same color as the snake itself. Identifying them is easy – the snake’s body has spots, while the background does not. There are precisely 16 of these spots, indicating that we can isolate all the edge pieces.

Finding the Orientation of Pieces

Among all the pieces, one stands out – the one with the snake’s head. Additionally, it is an edge piece, as we identified earlier. The other parts can be aligned relative to it.
Let’s pay attention to the light falling on the head. It helps us determine the overall lighting direction in the entire image. Depending on how we position the piece with the head, aligning the other pieces becomes much simpler (in easy mode, the piece doesn’t rotate and will initially indicate the correct light and shadows).

If the puzzle is complete upside down, it will still be counted

The final touch

Once the edge pieces are assembled, only 8 pieces will remain inside. This task appears easier than dealing with the initial quantity of 24.

If nothing helps

If it’s still hard to complete the puzzle you can skip it. In easy mode you should spent at least 5 minutes for solving, normal – 10 minutes (time is taken into account during the solving only). Skip button will appear at the next puzzle opening.

Here you can find the puzzle picture (hover to display):

Bonus puzzles

If you like this kind of puzzles, so you can find bonus puzzles in the bonuses section of the main menu. Additionally, you’ll be able to upload your own pictures, choose the difficulty, size and audio environment.

Thanks to ArtRow Games for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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