Roblox Stone Miner Simulator 2 Codes (October 2022): Update 1.2.1 is Out!

Stone Miner Simulator 2 is the sequel to the Stone Miner Simulator game. here is a page with a list of all redeem codes. you will get various rewards and boosts with them.

The next code will be out at 1000 Likes!

Updated October 6, 2022 | We checked for new Stone Miner Simulator 2 Codes


Roblox Stone Miner Simulator 2 Codes October 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes below let you get a boost for free.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Stone Miner Simulator 2 Codes (Working)

  • 5 minute Lucky boost x4 → 74yhim
    2 Epic Crystals → yhikol
    1 Legendary Crystal → huyujk
    2 Rare Crystals and 1 Epic Crystal → aoisyh
    1680 Gold coins and 25 Diamonds → uqhdjs
    30 Diamonds → hotpot_old
    740 Gold Coins → HOTPOT

Note: 20 codes are hidden in maps

Note: we will update the list as there is a new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via Twitter and the Official Discord.

Roblox Stone Miner Simulator 2 Codes (Expired)

  • No Codes are Expired Yet


How to Redeem Codes in Stone Miner Simulator 2

Image Credit to Youtuber Seriously Dude

  1. Click the blue button with the yellow gear wheel icon at the right of your screen.
  2. Type your code in the text field “Enter code here”.
  3. Redeem your code and you will get your rewards at once.

Note: You can only enter one code at a time. if you want to redeem more codes. just repeat the steps above.


All Badges List in Stone Miner Simulator 2


  • Stone miner fresh driver

    Enter the game for the first time

  • Mining god

    Get the last trophy of destroying blocks

  • Pet hunter

    Get the last trophy of pet hatching

  • Degenerate angel

    Get the last trophy of rebirth times

  • Online god

    Get the last trophy of online time

  • VIP

    Get VIP in the store

  • Pet egg or egg pet?

    Hatch your first egg

  • Fantastic stone miner

    Hatch the skill crystal for the first time

  • Start all over again

    Complete the first rebirth

  • World 1

    Unlock all stages in World 1

  • Amateur Detective

    Find a code in the scene

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Find all codes in the scene


About Roblox Stone Miner Simulator 2

Stone Miner Simulator 2 is a new Roblox game created in August 2022. the new update 1.1 is now out with new skills and code. the new code will let you obtain a sum of cash for free.


🏆Stone Miner simulator 2 blockbuster returns!!
👍Pls give us LIKES for more UPD!! Thank you!

🌍Driving ur cool stone miner to explore the world!
🌋Equip powerful skills to destroy the minerals!
🧭Selling ore to upgrade ur stone miner, explore gigantic map!
🐾Mighty rebirth, plentiful pets, rare mines! 
💘Drop in mysterious cave, trigger random events!

More contents waiting for you to enjoy!!

UPD 1.2.1 daily shop  
-   💰 Time-limited daily shop is on!!
-   📚 Collect online! All pets!!! All ores!!!
-   🎨 October Art Competition on! Every participate win rewards!
-   🔒  Auto-lock when buying ores in rebirth shop
-   😈 Gamepass with New Egg: DEMON HUNTER
-   🦊 New pets in Demon Hunter Egg, collect them all!!!

🍀To celebrate this new game coming out, code for everyone: "hotpot"
- Find bugs? Join DC and tell us!!
- 15k Likes Code:eU2MNI
- Previous Codes at DC
🔥The next code come when 30K Likes

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