Risk of Rain 2: How to Deal With Void Infestors from Void Cradles

Have you ever been killed by your own drone or ally? Then it was “voidtouched” or infected by a new enemy called the Void Infestor from the Survivors of the Void DLC.


What are Void Infestors?
Void Infestors are insanely tiny enemies that move extremely quickly and can make allies and enemy monsters alike gain Void Items and start attacking you and allied monsters.

They mostly appear from Void Cradles or from Void Seed events. The only way to encounter them is by owning the “Survivors of the Void” expansion or to join someone hosting a game that owns the DLC.

Methods to deal with them:
Void Infestors that spawn from Void Cradles spawn in groups of 1 to 3, and they’re pretty well known for Voidtouching a nearby squid turret and said squid turret just kills you.

I will try to list as many ways as I know of dealing with them in the quickest way possible with the possibility in mind that you may not have good items, all the way from Commando to the new survivors added in the expansion.

The only way I can come up with to almost instantly kill the Void Infestors is by running the alternate special skill “Frag Grenade”, opening the void cradle and throwing the grenade directly towards the floor and hoping for the best.

You could also try your hand with the default special skill and hitting all the Void Infestors that come out of it to stun them and give you a chance at killing them.

The first way to deal with them is by using your secondary skill ” Laser Glaive” and letting the glaive do the work while you hold your M1 to kill the Void Infestors while they spawn in Mid-air.

You could also combine the Laser Glaive with the special skill “Arrow Rain” by pre-emptively using arrow rain on the Void Cradle, then using the Laser Glaive to finish them off.

Open the Void Cradle and as soon as the Void Infestors are gonna land throw your secondary skill “Blast Canister” at the Void Infestors and either use the primary skills “Rebarb Puncher” or “Scrap Launcher” to finish them off.

You could also try using your utility skill “Transport Mode” to finish them off, but this is risky as it doesn’t deal as much damage as one would like against them.

Before opening the Void Cradle, you can use either secondary skill on Engineer but you will need to let the “Pressure Mines” completely arm for full damage. Once the mines are on the Void Cradle, open it and watch the Void Infestors explode as they spawn.

Another way is to use the utility skill “Thermal Harpoons” to kill them, but this is quite risky if they miss or don’t do enough damage.

Before opening the Void Cradle, you can use your utility skill “Snap Freeze” on the Void Cradle to possibly freeze the Void Infestors and fully charge your secondary skill “Charged Nano Bomb” to finish them off.

You can skip the first step but there’s a chance that you won’t fully charge your Nano Bomb and won’t deal enough damage or they will run away before you can actually hit them.

Also, you could use the special skill “Ion Surge” to stun them but keep in mind you will be sent up in the air.

You can use either utility skill on mercenary to hit the Void Infestors mid-air and follow up with the special skill “Slicing Winds” to deal as much damage to all of them as possible.

If you can combo “Exposed” status effects, then try to add that in as well to make sure they die.

Before opening the Void Cradle, use your special skill “Tangling Growth” to root the Void Infestors. Open the Void Cradle and try to deal as much damage as you can against them using both your primary skill and secondary skill (preferably use “DIRECTIVE: DRILL” for the most damage output).

Open the Void Cradle and the moment you see the Void Infestors start to drop to the ground use your special skill “Thunderdome” in the Void Cradle.

If you don’t have Thunderdome you could use the utility skill “Thunder Gauntlet” to hit all of them
mid-air, start holding M1 and hope you finish them off.

You could try to use the default utility skill “Charged Gauntlet” but be careful since you will be sent away from the Void Infestor and you might miss one of them.

You can use either utility skill and leap on the Void Infestors twice and when they land, use your special skill “Epidemic” at the ground to poison them and preferably finish them off.

If you run Acrid’s alternate misc “Blight”…

1. why
2. It CAN finish them off unlike poison
3. why

Before opening the Void Cradle, use all three charges of your utility skill “Orbital Probe” and open it. The Void Infestors are most likely to get hit be one or two of the probes.

You can replicate these with the supply beacons too but you only have two uses per stage and the alternate utility skill “OGM-72 ‘DIABLO’ Strike” takes 20 seconds to land and has the potential to kill you and nearby allies, but the Void Infestor will perish so keep in mind the ETA of the Diablo Strike.

Charge your special skill “Supercharge” and open the Void Cradle. Try to hit as many Void Infestors as there are and they are pretty much gone.

You can try using the alternate special skill “Cryocharge” and it will freeze them but it might not kill them so beware.

Void Fiend
You can either charge your secondary skill “Flood” in anticipation of the Void Infestors if you’re not in corrupted form or you can just click your secondary skill at the ground when you use the Void Cradle if you’re in the corrupted form.

(It does have double the explosion radius, same damage and no charge time).

If you’re feeling risky, just use your corrupted primary skill “Drown” the moment you see the Void Infestors spawn.

Extra: Heretic
The moment you open the Void Cradle, use the secondary skill “Slicing Maelstrom” from the heresy lunar item “Hooks of Heresy” and watch the Void Infestor die.

Thanks to ruyon for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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