Risk of Rain 2: All Items in Survivors Of The Void DLC

Items and their description | stats, from the first RoR2 DLC



Survivors of the Void is the first paid DLC for the game. In this guide you’ll find every new item that has been added to the game. If you want to find them on your own then don’t read this.(There are 40 new items)

White Items

Slightly increase attack speed and movement speed.

Increases attack speed by 7.5% and movement speed by 7%

Power Elixir
Receive an instant heal at low health. Consumed on use.

Taking damage to below 25% health consumes this item, healing you for 75% of maximum health.

Delicate Watch

Increases damage by 20%. Taking damage to below 25% breaks this item.

Oddly-shaped Opal
Reduce damage for the first time you are hit.

Increases armor by 100 while out of danger.

Roll of Pennies

Gain 3 gold by taking damage from an enemy.

Green Items

Shipping Request Form
Get a delivery each stage that contains powerful items.

Said delivery contains 2 items with 20% chance for green item and 1% for red

Hunter’s Harpoon
Killing an enemy gives you a burst of movement speed.

Killing an enemy increases movement speed by 125%, fading over 1 seconds.

Regenerating Scrap
Prioritized when used with uncommon(green) 3D Printers. Usable once per stage.

It’s just infinite green scrap

Activating your Primary skill also throws a shuriken.

Shurikens deal 400% base damage. They reload over 10 seconds.

Ignition Tank
Your ignite effects deal 2x more damage, and last 2x as long.

Ignite effects deal +300% more damage over time.

Red Items

Laser Scope
Your ‘Critical Strikes’ deal an additional 100% damage.

Spare Drone Parts
Your drones fire faster, have less cooldowns, shoot missiles, and gain a bonus chaingun.

Drones gain +50% attack speed and cooldown reduction. Drones gain 10% chance to fire a missile on hit, dealing 300% TOTAL damage. Drones gain an automatic chain gun that deals 6×100%damage, bouncing to 2 enemies.

Ben’s Raincoat
Become immune to all debuffs. Increase maximum health.

Whenever you would receive a debuff, prevent it.
Increases maximum health by 100

Pocket I.C.B.M.
All Missile items deal more damage and fire an additional two missiles.

All missile items and equipment fire an additional 2 missiles. Increase missile damage by 0%(+50% per stack)

Symbiotic Scorpion
Permanently reduce armor on hit.

100% chance on hit to reduce armor by 2 permanently.

Bottled Chaos
Activating your Equipment triggers an additional, random Equipment effect.

Triggers a random equipment effect.

Yellow Item

Defense Nucleus
Summon an Alpha Construct on killing an elite.

You can only have 4 Alpha Constructs, limit increases with stacks.

Purple Items

Safer Spaces
Block the next source of damage. It corrupts Tougher Times.

Blocks incoming damage once. Recharges after 15 seconds

Chance to collapse enemies on hit. It corrupts all Tri-Tip Daggers.
10% chance to collapse an enemy for 400% base damage.

Lost Seer’s Lenses
Gain a 0.5% chance to instantly kill a non-boss enemy. It corrupts all Lens-Maker’s Glasses.
Your attacks have a 0.5% chance to instantly kill a non-Boss enemy.

Weeping Fungus
Heal while sprinting. It corrupts all Bustling Fungi.

Heals for 2% of your health every second while sprinting.

Encrusted Key
Gain access to an Encrusted Cache that contains a void item. It corrupts all Rusted Keys.
A hidden cache containing an item will appear in a random location on each stage. Opening the cache consumes this item.

Chance to repeatedly strike a single enemy with lightning. It corrupts all Ukuleles.

25% chance to fire lightning for 60% TOTAL damage up to 3 times

Singularity Band
It corrupts all Kjaro’s and Runald’s band.

Hits that deal more than 400% damage also fire a black hole that draws enemies within 15m into its center. Lasts 5 seconds before collapsing, dealing 100% TOTAL damage. Recharges every 20 seconds.

Voidsent Flame
Full health enemies also detonate on hit. Corrupts all Will-o’-the-wisps.

Upon hitting an enemy above 90% health, spawn a lava pillar in a 12m radius for 350% base damage.

Plasma Shrimp
While you have shield, fire missiles on every hit. Corrupts all AtG Missile Mk. 1s.
Gain a shield equal to 10% of your maximum health. While you have a shield, hitting an enemy fires a missile that deals 40% TOTAL damage.

Chance to root enemies on hit. Corrupts all Chronobaubles.

5% chance on hit to root enemies for 1s.

Benthic Bloom
Upgrades your items at the start of each stage. Corrupts all 57 Leaf Clovers.

Upgrades 3 random items to items of the next higher rarity at the start of each stage.

Newly Hatched Zoea
Periodically recruit allies from the Void. Corrupts all yellow items.

Every 60 seconds, gain a random Void ally. Can have up to 1 allies at a time.

Pluripotent Larva
Corrupts all Dio’s Best Friends.

Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability, and all of your items that can be corrupted will be.

Lysate Cell
Corrupts all Fuel Cells.

Add +1 charge of your Special skill.

Blue Items

Stone Flux Pauldron
Double your health… BUT halve your speed.

Increase max health by 100%. Reduces movement speed by 50%

Light Flux Pauldron
Halve your cooldowns.. BUT halve your attack speed.

Decrease skill cooldowns by 50%. Decrease attack speed by 50%.

Eulogy Zero
Items and equipment have a small chance to transform into a Lunar item instead.

Items have a 5% chance to become a Lunar item instead.

Gain multiple orbiting bombs. Every minute, assimilate another item into Egocentrism.

Every 3 seconds, gain an orbiting bomb that detonates on impact for 360% damage, up to a maximum of 3 bombs. Every 60 seconds, a random item is converted into this item.

Orange Items
Executive Card
Gain 10% cash back on all purchases. Multishops remain open.

Whenever you make a gold purchase, get 10% of the spent gold back. If the purchase is a multishop terminal, the other terminals will remain open.

Goobo Jr.

Spawn a gummy clone that has 700% damage and 700% health. Expires in 30 seconds.

Molotov (6-Pack)
Throw 6 flaming molotovs that ignite enemies upon shattering.

Throw 6 molotov cocktails that ignites enemies for 500% base damage. Each molotov leaves a burning area for 200% damage per second.

Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn
Execute a large monster and claim its trophy. Consumed on use.

Execute any enemy capable of spawning a unique reward, and it will drop that item. Equipment is consumed on use.

Thanks to Kojima for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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