Revita: All Shrines Guide

A quick cheatsheet for the shrines that you can find throughout a Revita run! Spoiler Alert!!!   Rundown Shrines are a newly-added feature to Revita that allow for a small bonus in a combat room. With a small price to pay, they range from being a solid addition to your run to having run-saving potential. All … Read more

Revita: Crown Secrets Scavenger Guide

After Beating shard 4 you probably gained a weird note from the endboss. This guide explains what it means and what it leads to!   Warning This guide should be read through after Shard 5 and is only possible in Shard 5 this guide will contain spoilers, proceed with caution! Schematic and Its Meaning If you … Read more

Revita: The Ticking Tower Top Door Guide

Stuck at shard 5? No Worries! This guide will easily explain how you can enter the mysterious door in Ticking Tower Top to progress further.   Spoiler Warning This guide will show you content after shard 5 it is highly recommendet to at least beat shard 5 before reading this! if you want to figure … Read more