Revita: All Shrines Guide

A quick cheatsheet for the shrines that you can find throughout a Revita run! Spoiler Alert!!!



Shrines are a newly-added feature to Revita that allow for a small bonus in a combat room. With a small price to pay, they range from being a solid addition to your run to having run-saving potential. All shrines are unlocked from the beginning of the game.

Payment & Corrupted Shrines
For standard shrines, 0.5 HP must be offered to a shrine in order to receive its benefits. With a tinkerer unlock, Corrupted Shrines become available in a run.

These simply serve as an alternate payment method and provide no buffs compared to their counterparts. They have a chance to replace a standard shrine and are paid for with a chance to curse the player instead of 0.5 HP.

Shrine of Chaos

Removes one of your current relics and grants you a random relic
Grants you a relic if you do not yet have any

Shrine of Defense

Drops a Shield onto the ground

Shrine of Generosity

Drops a random common relic onto the ground

Shrine of Greed

The next shop entered is cheaper and has an extra item pedestal

Shrine of Growth

Grants a small stat up

Shrine of Harvest

Drops a random food pickup onto the ground

Shrine of Longevity

The room count of the next area is extended

Shrine of Moonlight

Guarantees an Observatory next area

Shrine of Potential

Drops a Relic Hammer onto the ground

Shrine of Rage

Grants a large but temporary damage up

Shrine of Spirituality

Enemies release double the amount of souls for a short amount of time

Shrine of Swiftness

The room count of the next area is shortened

Thanks to ktea for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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