Relic Hunters Legend: Seven Freeze Build

Saw there were only 2 other guides so i said “Fine I’ll do it myself”
Anyway cool Seven build based on freezing



This build is based on one specific weapon
Essentially this weapon will break enemies out of ice, dealing high damage in a small area.
This is the most important part of this build.


For this build you will want to go down The Destroyer & The Savior Trees grabbing ‘Parallel Lines’ (The Destroyer) and ‘Consequence and Cause’ (The Savior)

The Skill overview

The Skills you want

How it Works

When you shoot an enemy it has a chance to mark them, then it will freeze them, then they explode when you shoot them dealing great damage to all nearby enemies.

How to improve it

What I have shown so far has been the base concept. to improve this build consider adding the
‘Frost Star’ Medal and the ‘Frozen Secrets’ Heavy Clothing (Shown below). Also consider putting attribute points in Might for the extra damage, and add items that increase water and impact damage


I figured out where you can get the ‘Frost Star’ and ‘Shatter’ items. You can buy them from the secret market faction leader. You can get anywhere from T2-T4 From the faction leader for bounty

You can get the ‘Frozen Secrets’ from the Seven Challenges #2 and you receive the T3 Version. I don’t know where to get T2 or T4
You can also get it from Fluffy Jr I believe

Thanks to MAILBOX GAMING for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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