Realm of the Mad God: How to Get White Bags 2020

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to get white bags


I think you all want top tiers, mega loot and white bags!
In this guide you will learn how to get white bags!

1. Farm the right dungeons.
Example : Void, Shatters, Fungal & Crystal Caverns.

2. DPS
You have to hit the boss until he’s bleeding!

3. Don’t die
You shouldn’t die or all your damage is gone!

4. The right Class
You have to pick one of the good classes with the most dps
Example : Warrior , Wizard , Archer or Huntress (Leafbow)

5. Listen to Basshunter and S3RL
Best music for gaming

6. Get your omni.
Omni is good

By SketchyFs180

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