Raft: New Smoothie Recipes (Version 1.0)

Raft V1.0: The Final Chapter is now available on Steam. lots of new content have been added to the new update. here is a simple list of new smoothie recipes in the new version.


What’s New about Smoothie?

If you want to improve your kitchen, the new juicer will do the trick! Provide it with ingredients and electricity and it will give you a fresh smoothie. Also, both the cooking pot and the juicer can now provide food and smoothies that give you certain buffs! For these you will need special recipes that can be bought at the Trading Posts, and they can give you speed boosts, increased lung capacity, bonus health and more.


Smoothie Recipes List

Updated June 22, 2022

Simple smoothie

Memorized Malone

Silver Smoothie
1-blue algae

Coconut Beat (Added by Allegro)
x3 Coconut
x1 Beet

Mangonana (Added by Shark_puppet and Amy)
1x Mango
2x Banana
1x Milk

Strawberry Colada (Added by Ash)

Note: This list was originally created by Капкан and zxch3rechnya, it is incomplete and will be updated later. if you want to add, please leave a comment at the end of the article.


Raft 1.0 Update Note

3 new story destinations: Varuna Point, Temperance and one secret destination
3 new small islands
14 new achievements
Added Trading Posts to most large islands
Added food and drinks buff system with 6 different buffs
Added 4 new playable characters
Added 30 alternate character outfits
New enemies: Angler Fish, Scuttler, Polar Bear, Hyena and 2 secret enemies
New item: Juicer
New item: Drinking Glass
New Item: Electrical Grill
New item: Electrical Smelter
New item: Advanced Stationary Anchor
New item: Advanced Biofuel Extractor
New item: Wind Turbine
New item: Recycler
New item: Titanium Axe, Arrow, Hook and Sword.
New item: Water Canteen
New item: Advanced Headlight
New item: Electrical Zipline Tool
New item: Advanced Battery
New item: Advanced Crop Plots in 3 sizes
New item: Advanced Scarecrow
New item: Big Backpack
New item: Advanced Collection Net
New item: 8 new hats
New item: Trading Post Cassette
New item: 5 new enemy trophies
New item: 3 placeable honk horns with different sounds
New item: Foundation Counter
New item: Tic-Tac-Toe
New item: Fridge
New item: Compass
New item: Wardrobe
New item: 28 vending machine decorational items
New item: Added Turmeric, Juniper and Chili for recipes
Updated Engine Controls: Added anchor lever
New building piece: Horizontal Pillar
New building piece: Detail Plank
New building piece: Draw Bridge in 2 sizes
Added fishing bait menu and 3 different fishing baits
Adjusted all solid building block textures
Added voice playback for all story notes
Notebook now displays a different first page depending on which character you play as
Added a sort button to storages
Added Exclusive Fullscreen mode in settings
Seagull functionality has been rewritten to reduce bugs
Added 3 new community made rafts to the main menu
New feature: Bonus thirst
New feature: Bonus health
Big Islands now start spawning without requiring receiver
Recipes now say Cooking Pot or Juicer at the top
Adjusted Cooking Pot recipes ingredients and outputs
Each battery slot now has a charge indicator
Bow shot can now be cancelled while charging by pressing RMB
You now have to hold RMB to pour liquid from cup and bottle
Scarecrows now remove themselves after being completely destroyed by seagulls
When in a storage, crafting now takes into account the amount of items in the storage as well
Added setting to invert mouse cursor icon
Fuel Tank can now receive fuel through the pipe socket
Adjusted Easy and Peaceful damage multipliers
Renamed Tangaroa Tokens to Vending Machine Token
Flower seeds now have 100% drop chance
UI performance improved
Updated UI for oxygen
Reduced time to remove placeable items with ‘X’ from 3 to 1 seconds
New Feature: Auto run toggle button
Added prompts informing players if they are not connected to Steam
Added 144 FPS cap as settings option
Recoded the raft collision system to greatly improve performance (most notable on big rafts)
Added lantern particle effects LODs to improve performance
Changed recipes from UI to textures to improve performance

Landmarks despawning when raft is far away
Placeable items appearing to be blocked by something invisible
Floating items spawning to the side of the raft while having a big raft
Upgrading foundations with hammer could make it lose collision
Seagull flying through walls
Seagull ignoring scarecrows
Entering bed from climbing on a ladder could make you fly
Jump animation issues
Paint brush couldn't paint after aiming at a scarecrow
Players could enter non discovered frequencies in receiver
Players unable to join very large rafts
Tangaroa Cockpit being locked after launching and relogging
Eggs unable to be picked up if they are on a collection net
A lot of typos
Being soft locked when getting charged by a Warthog
Paintbrush accidentally painting objects when aiming at them
Water pipes not working above floor 9
Animals disappearing (should be a lot more stable)
Metal detector not always working
Hook sometimes stuck in throw state
Stormy weather causes issues with hook and sounds
Toggle sprint setting is not saved between sessions
Dying from hunger in a bed leaves the screen black
“Bee Keeper!” and “Artistic Collection!” achievements not getting unlocked
Pipe connecting issues
Roof L- and X-junctions did not have any cost
Couldn’t place diagonal walls on half floors

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