Raft: All Vending Machine Token Locations (31/31)

All 31 Vending Machine Token Locations in Temperance I found so far..

Spoiler alert!

If you don´t want Spoilers for Temperance, do not read this guide.


I found 31 locatations for vending machine token in Temperance so far.

If you found another location I missed, please let me know in the comments.


Moontown- follow the electrical cable from the start

1. Dome/Gym – no token

2. Dome:
On the bedside table (1)

3. Dome:
In front of the entrance on the left side in the snow on the ground (2)

Two tokens on the table on the right side of the wall (3, 4)

3. Hospital:
Two tokens on the bedside table of the far right bed (5,6)

5. Dome:
Next to the pillow in the bed (7)

and on the small table with the two plants on the right (8)

6. Main Dome:
Immediately after entering in the flower pot on the left (9)

The vending machines are also located on this floor

Upstairs in the Main Dome:
Two tokens on the billiard table (10,11)

On the sofa under the pillow (12)

On the TV stand to the left side of the TV (13)

on an armchair (14)

Weather Station/Observatory:

Downstairs in the ice cave near the ladder on the ground(15)

Ground Floor:
Between the two cabinets – one on the floor, one on the left table (16,17)

1st floor:
Between the boxes on the table on the left (18)

2nd floor:
3 token in the safe (19,20,21)
When you come back, you have to open the safe again – Safecode 5964

Selene Research Facility

Control Room:
to the right side of the screen on the control panel (22)

and on a desk to the right side of the door to Laboratory 1 (23)

In the 1st laser room:
on the control cabinet on the left (24)

and on a container to the left of the mirrors on the left side (25)

(Sorry, i picked up this token before i made the screenshot, but is right there)

Door from the control room to the reactor is open:
at the top on the right side of the 2nd staircase downstairs (26)

on the right side of the hazmat suit closet in front of the last reactor room door (27)

Cryo-Camber is open:
In the corridor on the ground on the right side (28)

In the chamber on the big box in the middle: 3 tokens (29,30,31)


Have fun spending those token for nice decorations from the vending machines.

Thanks to Ardrana for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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