Potionomics: Day 21 Infinite Deck

Relatively early deck to go infinite during haggling


Deck List

This is messy, but I just wanted to post this here quickly so people had access to it, before I did any cleanup and formatting.

Core List

  • 4 x Think, Sylvia, Think (Sylvia Starter)
  • 2 x Scheme (Owl 1)
  • 1 x Two is Better than One (Owl 2)
  • 2 x Press the Attack (Quinn 2)
  • 1 x Craftsmanship (Muktuk 3)
  • 2 x Meditate (Saffron 1)
  • 2 x Captivate (Baptiste 1)
  • 2 x Rhythm (Xid 6)
  • 2 x Improv (Xid 5)
  • 2 x Jingle (Xid 1)


  • 1 x Closer of choice replaces 1 x Captivate
  • 1 x Regulated Breathing (Saffron 7) replaces 1 x Meditate
  • 2 x Serenity of Mind (Saffron 9) replaces 2 x Scheme
  • 1 x Encore (Xid 10) replaces 1 x Captivate


Theory and Goal
Once we get a deck to go infinite, we are capped by maximum interest level, so there’s no need for a big interest generator to close things out (e.g. Chorus, Barrage).

Instead, we aim to play Craftsmanship (-1 Patience, +6 Interest, +3% Price) as many times as possible to add direct price to the potion before hitting the interest cap.

A Closer card to end negotiation will also allow us to add price to the potion that isn’t limited by the interest cap.

Basic Gameplay
The basic plan is to use our cards to draw cards and manage stress and patience until we can put Rhythm into play. Once Rhythm is in play, we can go infinite by drawing all our cards, and playing Improv + Craftsmanship repeatedly (both will cost 0 patience, and Improv will redraw the Craftsmanship and the other copy of Improv).

There is a “soft” hand limit, at least in my interface, where I can draw as many cards as I like, but can’t actually reach the cards on the far ends of my hand to play them. If this happens, we can play out cards that cost 2+ like extra copies of Rhythm and Scheme, which will be skipped with drawing with Improv.

First Customer Setup
The effects of both Two is Better than One and Regulated Breathing carryover between customers. So the first customer in each shop session will be the most difficult as we get setup to make all subsequent customers.

While setting up our infinite with the first customer, we’ll want to do the following two things:

  • Play Regulated Breathing multiple times. The effect will stack infinitely so we can ignore stress on future turns, as all of it will be removed at the start of our turn no matter how much customers hit us with.
  • Use Two is Better than One to make copies of key cards. You can experiment with the setup/composition you prefer. Personally I copy Rhythm x 1, Scheme x 1, and Improv x 2.

Thanks to HexStarDragon for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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