Placid Plastic Duck Simulator: New “Duck Addiction” DLC Achievements Guide

This guide will cover the three new achievements added in the February 20 update. These achievements are all associated with the new paid DLC called Duck Addiction. Time to reclaim your 100%!   Intro We’ve once again been blessed with a Placid Plastic Duck Simulator update. Sadly, this means anyone who 100%’d the previous version … Read more

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator: How to Set Window Mode & Change Resolution

Here is a simple guide on how to do windowed mode + low resolution in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator.   How to Change Resolution Right-click on a game from the library to select it and specify “Properties” > “Launch Options Example: You want to set the window size to 1200 x 720 「-screen-width 1200 -screen-height 720」 How … Read more