Phasmophobia: Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Map

Here is a full map for the new Sunny Meadows Mental Institution in Phasmophobia.


Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Map (Credit to Monie)

So far no ghost items have been found on this map, but if they are, I will update the guide, but in the meantime, enjoy the terrain map so you don’t get lost)

Note: Click the image to enlarge it.


Phasmophobia Major Update New Locations V0.7.0.0

Sunny Meadows Mental Institution

The Asylum has been completely recreated from the ground up, featuring more distinctive room designs, a morgue, hospital wing, courtyard, and experimental area. Be warned, the ghost will lock each wing’s main door when it hunts, so prepare an escape route while you’re safe.

Sunny Meadows Mental Institution – RESTRICTED

Sunny Meadows is not only a large location but five small locations in one! The new location selection board allows you to vote to play a smaller, more restricted version of the asylum. Each time you enter, you will be given a random section to investigate, with the other sections blocked off or locked. This should help those who prefer playing smaller maps, and offer some variety each time you play!

Unlocked at level 22
Camp Woodwind

A small version of Maple Lodge Campsite, featuring a brand new layout and much fewer rooms. Perfect for those looking for a quick outdoor retreat!

Unlocked at level 19
You can also check out more information about the new update.
Phasmophobia is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. the new major update is now available on Steam. if you love this game. you should not miss it.

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