Phasmophobia: Prestige Levels and Methods (How to Level Up)

I will showcase every prestige level i earned since the update,
I was lvl 2234 before the update and i know quite a lot of the game.
The guide will contain how to level up faster.
All the different prestige levels.
And much more…

Will be updated as soon as i reach a higher prestige.


Prestige I

The level, everyone that participated in the game before the update earned,
along with the “legacy badge” (visible on the left shoulder of the character).

Prestige II

Earning Prestige 2 took me about 13 hours, playing mainly to farm levels with firends.
(With methods i will discuss later.)

Prestige III

This one took me 22 hours due to only some farming and the rest was with playing with randoms.

Prestige IV

This one took me 14 hours, earning the first 64 levels in 4-5 hours playing only farming.


Method I

For all those wanting to have fun in multiplayer while also earning a fair amount of XP.

– Any map!
-Solo or Multi!

Method II (15x apocalypse)

A challenge for experienced players, hard to complete but it does reward you generously.

-Sunny Meadows
-Solo or Multi!

Method III

If you have mastered the Ghost Huntin Guide, you’re probably more than fit to take on this challenge.

-Camp Woodwind!

Look for signs like movement speed, behaviour and model changes to identify the ghost, try to complete the challenges aswell.

Thanks to HK for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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