Phantom Brigade: Weapons Guide (Variants and Damage Types)

A quick guide on how to choose the right weapon for the job.   Damage types and taking out enemies There are three ways to take out enemies : 1. Destroy the upper body 2. Knock out the pilot 3. Make the enemy pilot eject Kinetic damage is what allows you to damage enemy vehicles, … Read more

Phantom Brigade General FAQ: UI, Tactics, Mechanics, Strategy, and etc

A collection of answers for all aspects of the game, including UI, tactics, mechanics, strategy, and so on.   1. Introduction Phantom Brigade You bought this game. If you don’t know what it is, I’m proud of you for taking a dive into an unfamiliar, unforgiving genre, where the fans are heavy-breathing basement-dwelling anitisocials and … Read more

Phantom Brigade: Protector Mid-game Build Recommended

A flexible and reliable Mech unit, although ill primarily focus on the assault rifle variant.   Overview This build is a multi-role base for you to further customize to your liking. It’s a high mobility medium class mech that i’ve found incredible for flanking and playing aggressive. It’s ability to move straight into the fight … Read more

Phantom Brigade: How to Edit Your Save Game

CHEATING | A guide that explains how to make you able to pick ALL salvage from a mission and getting max supplies the game allows.   What you need You need someway to edit .yaml files, “Notepad++” is good program for that. You also need a way to open .zip files, “7zip” is a decent option. Now your set, … Read more

Phantom Brigade: Superior Salvaging Guide

Avoid duplicates, identify upgraded versions, all without having to remember your entire inventory, with this one weird trick, enemy pilots hate it!   It’s really this simple Hover over an item on salvage screen look at the “+!” banner above the item details popup it will tell you if it’s new, higher level, or higher quality, relative … Read more

Phantom Brigade: Save File Location (New V1.0)

Phantom Brigade is a new hybrid tactical RPG available on Steam. in this game, you will control the squad of mech pilots and capture enemy facilities with in-depth customization and destructible environments. as the full version 1.0 is now out, the save game location of the game has been changed. here we will give you … Read more