Pawperty Damage: 100% Achievements and Secrets Guide

All achievements, secrets and such!


Normal Achievements

All the normal achievements and how to.. achieve them!

Kaiju 101

Easy enough, just stomp, kick and eat your way to $150,000,000 in property damage.
Do in 5 minutes or less in the main game modes.

Crushing It!

Same as above, just more of it! Cause $400,000,000 in damage in less than 5 minutes.
Remember that you can swing and kick, or stomp at the same time! Grab cars while you’re walking to VIP targets to eat when your energy runs low, maximize the AOE damage of the stomp once you get big enough to clear whole blocks!

What… Now?

Destroy the entire city. You can get this one by being really good at the main modes, or by going into sandbox and using the sandbox options to set yourself to maximum height.. Then finish off the entire city in two or three stomps!

Red-Carpet Treatment

Just wait for a vehicle to get marked as a VIP, and stroll right over it. (Don’t stomp!)


This one can be a little tricky, just make sure you’re big enough to grab a bus (at least 100 feet) and wait for a VIP target to show itself. Position yourself so you can make an easy throw at the VIP target at full throwing charge. To be safe make sure you’re at least 400 feet from the target, may require being bigger!

Three-Star Gourmet

This one is probably best done in sandbox as the game is finicky with giving you a 3-star VIP car. Just wait for one to spawn and grab it in time and eat it! It may help to clear out some buildings first to make walking easier and give a higher chance for cars to be the next VIP.
Remember, if you’re too big you can’t pick up cars anymore!

Hungry for Pizza?

This one is another tricky one, there are 5 pizza delivery cars hidden throughout the city. It’s best to *not* rampage and grow or else you might accidentally squish the cars you’re after! Just walk up (careful not to squish them!) to each pizza car, grab em, and gulp em!

Hidden Achievements

There are 3 hidden Achievements.

Dunking Doughnuts

Grab a police car, and yeet that tin-can into the ocean!

Field Goal

Off to the right side farm there are two windmills, simply manage to kick a car between them! (Bigger sizes obviously help here!)

Do u speakz UWU?

Go into the Language options in the menu, and change the language to UWU, then head back to the game!

Thanks to Dreck the Opossum for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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