OneShot: Secret Ending Guide (True Ending)

So… You have concluded the game and you are not satisfied with the ending? Yeah, I felt the same way. This is why I started looking for an extra ending, and there I found it, the so-called Solstice ending. And in this guide you will learn how to start it.



. In order to trigger the solstice ending, You’ll have to beat the game at least once. Don’t worry which ending you took, any will work (Breaking the sun or not).

Since you have “finished” the game, it must be in the frozen state (you will not be able to play), that is when the camera is focused in the starting bedroom, which closes the game whenever you press anything:


Okay, now that you have your game in the frozen bedroom stage, this is what you gotta do:

Not necessary, but cool. While One shot is running, displaying the bedroom, open the clover file and it will display a message explaining what to do.

2- Open your C:/Documents\My Games\Oneshot (the same place you went to find the clover application)

3- Delete the -save_progress.oneshot- file.

Starting The Solstice Run

At this point it’s pretty much done. Once you start your game, it will run like nothing actually changed, but you will notice in the first few minutes something is different, which I won’t tell here because you gotta find out by your own.

And with that your solstice run has already started, and I wish you good luck!

Thanks to Charumelo for his great guide on how to get the true ending, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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