Old School RuneScape: How to Only Listen to Sea Shanty 2

Ahoy, landlubbers! If ye be seekin’ t’be spicin’ up yer carousin’ in the game o’ Runescape, I’ll be showin’ ye how t’only listen ta only th’ finest o’ shanties this here game be offerin’.   Prologue: Be gettin’ the track! If ye haven’t been t’Port Sarim, ye best be gettin’ there smartly! (Aye, that be … Read more

Old School RuneScape: How to Obtain Fighting/Fancy boots (Stronghold of Security)

Here is a simple guide on how to obtain Fighting or Fancy boots.   GUIDE Info: You will be able to choose between those two boots FANCY BOOTS: FIGHTING BOOTS: Info: Stats for these boots are same FANCY/FIGHTING BOOT STATS: Info: If you are very low combat level, bring some food with you STEPS: 1. Enter Stronghold … Read more

Old School RuneScape: How to Play OSRS on Steam with RuneLite

How to play OSRS through Steam while still using RuneLite.   Step One Install OSRS through Steam like normal. Install RuneLite via: RuneLite Website[runelite.net] Step Two Find the install locations of both games, this is where ever you downloaded them to. The default install location on my PC was: Steam Program Files (x86) > Steam > … Read more

Old School RuneScape: How to Use RuneLite As Default Client

Fast and easy way to launch Steam OSRS using the RuneLite client. No changing any files. Steam playtime WILL be recorded!   How-to Go to Library > right click OSRS > Launch Properties bar, paste the following instructions below: It looks like this: C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Local\RuneLite\RuneLite.exe %command% Make sure you aren’t pasting the asterisks from these instructions. … Read more

Old School RuneScape: How To Run Runelite Instead of the Vanilla Client

This will make the osclient.exe located in your steam game directory run RuneLite instead of the vanilla client.   Introduction There has been discussion on if we would be able to run RuneLite instead of the vanilla client through steam without just adding it as a non-steam game. I’ve learned how to do this and … Read more