Old School RuneScape: How to Use RuneLite As Default Client

Fast and easy way to launch Steam OSRS using the RuneLite client. No changing any files. Steam playtime WILL be recorded!


Go to Library > right click OSRS > Launch Properties bar, paste the following instructions below:

It looks like this:

C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Local\RuneLite\RuneLite.exe %command%

Make sure you aren’t pasting the asterisks from these instructions. You’re pasting your personal path to your RuneLite installation. This is the default RuneLite installation path. If you installed it somewhere else, use the path to that location on your PC.

Now where I put *YOURUSERNAME* it’s literally your username on your PC, not those exact words. And no asterisks!

Credit to Fureox

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