Oh! Fuse Box: Official Game Guide for New Players

This is the official game guide.


How to play? – Repair

If you know which block to drag…
You’re already ready!

If you don’t know…

drag the block with the mouse


don’t hesitate to look at the hint

Introduction to block types

hold the click and drag to move the block.
If you drop it in a right location, the movement is completed

2. Rotation
Click on a block with rotation mark to rotate the block

3. Lock
There are blocks that can’t move

4. Bomb
If a block with red numbers is moved more than a certain number of times,
It explodes and disappears

5. Ice
The block with an ice icon will freeze and become immobile when connected.
If you move another connected block, you can move it again

6. Question mark
The block with a question mark is a block whose shape can only be confirmed by connecting

7. Count
If the block marked with a green number moves more than a certain number of times,
it becomes a block that can no longer be moved

How to play? – Mini Game

1. 1 ~ 3 Select the stage.
– Each stage has a different difficulty level.

2. choose a weapon.
– Play ‘Repair’ and ‘Challenge’ to obtain the ‘Get Weapon’ achievement.

3. Attack power increases when you clear ‘Repair’ and ‘Challenge’.

Keyboard and mouse


Hp – add stamina by 2
Hint – add hint (99 limit)
Time – add time by 5 seconds

How to get a hints

Click “Mini Game” or “Hint Button” to play “Mini Game”

1. if you kill the enemy, a “hint item” is randomly dropped.

2. If you acquire a “hint item”, it is registered in the hint information. (99 limit)

Achievement introduction

1. Get Hammer – Stage 20 cleared
2. Get Wrench – Stage 30 cleared
3. Get Shot gun – Challenge 11 ~ 20 cleared
4. Get Missile – Challenge 21 ~ 30 cleared
5. Open book – Watch the beginning story
6. Close book – Watch the ending story
7. Get Gallery – All stages cleared

* The gallery contains the game production process.

Thanks to Garage Arts for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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