Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World Update Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all new achievements in the latest Forgotten World update.

Note:  This is a free update that will be downloaded automatically for anyone owning Monster Sanctuary.


Forgotten World Update

7 achievements were added along with the Forgotten World update.

The first 3 listed here are story-related and cannot be missed.

Journey to the Forgotten World
Tread where no Keeper has gone beforeThe entrance is located in the SW section of Horizon Beach and NE of the Legendary Keeper statue room. The achievement pops as you fall into the Forgotten World.


Frozen in Time
Free the Wanderer from their icy prison

But that’s a tale for another time…
Restore the World Tree and learn about the true form of your Spectral Familiar

Bardic Inspiration
Fully equip a Bard with instruments

Simply equip the Bard (which you receive as you progress the story) with instruments for all slots.
(Looks like you don’t need the actual Bard egg. Thanks to VahidSlayerOfAll for the clarification.)

Final Form
Reach max level with a Monster

Gained via normal progression upon reaching level 42 with any monster.

Unlock all alternative outfits

The Forgotten World DLC introduced 1 new outfit (Dungeon Explorer). It is located in the same room as the Stronghold Dungeon Blob Lock (on the top left corner hidden in the shadows). You will need to activate an ice orb to open the gate to the outfit. (credit: u/CptPhnx)


Mythical Keeper
Defeat all Legendary Keeper Battles

10 new Legendary Keeper battles were added to commemorate awesome members of the Monster Sanctuary team/community. The top level of the statue area has the first 8 battles. The last 2 can be found on the edges of the middle platforms/level.

BONUS – Ascendant Champion Location

Head southeast from the Blue Caves teleport and search for a waterfall. (credit: u/Eilyssen)


Thanks to Jedo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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