Meadow: Antelope Statues Guide 2021

A guide to help you find all the antelope statues. (Available in January 2021)   Intro This guide contains coordinates and a picture of each statue. You can use the coordinates as a guide as to where to go next. They might be a bit confusing though. Usually, you see an XYZ format, or latitude … Read more

Meadow: Crocodile Statue Locations

Here is a location guide to all Crocodile Statues, all the locations are with a screenshot. if you have any problems. please let me know.   Crocodile #1 In the Spring biome, in the large lake with many islands Crocodile #2 Fall Biome, in a river near the foggy area Crocodile #3 In the New Fall … Read more

Meadow – Challenges to Get More Experience

Here is a series of challenges designed to help you get more out of your Meadow experience.   #01 – Mute Rule: Voices are forbidden   Instructions: Refrain from using Left Mouse Button to talk. Tips: Since you’ll be relying on your commands and emotes in this mode, you’ll need to consider your positioning carefully, … Read more