Meadow: Crocodile Statue Locations

Here is a location guide to all Crocodile Statues, all the locations are with a screenshot. if you have any problems. please let me know.


Crocodile #1
In the Spring biome, in the large lake with many islands

Crocodile #2
Fall Biome, in a river near the foggy area

Crocodile #3
In the New Fall biome, in the lake with the big dead tree

Crocodile #4
Rain Biome, near where you enter the area from Winter zone

Crocodile #5
Rain biome, near the border with Tropical Biome

Crocodile #6
Tropical biome, out near the islands by the edge of the world

Crocodile #7
Tropical Biome, at the waterfall

Crocodile #8
Spring Biome, up on a very tall mountain between winter biome and the 3 waterfall area, where there is a lake with a island in the middle with the river turning into rapids down the mountain side

Crocodile #9
Spring biome, above triple waterfalls in a river near the large tree

Crocodile #10
Inside the Winter Cave.

1. From the winter lake, go into the cave from under the waterfalls, and into the great chamber with the numerous waterfalls. take the far tunnel instead of the center ramp. Turn left at the fork and follow the passage to the pool with the statue


2. From the mountain lake with the great rock in the lake on the opposite side of the mountain from Winter Biome, go inside the Winter Cave. Go right when you reach the fork and follow the passage to the pool with the statue

By Jynn

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