Meadow: Tiger Statues Guide (December 2020)

A guide to help you find all the tiger statues. (Available in December 2020)


This guide contains coordinates and a picture of each statue.

You can use the coordinates as a guide as to where to go next. They might be a bit confusing though. Usually, you see an XYZ format, or latitude and longitude, but the format in Meadow is (Y, Z, -X). That would be (latitude, altitude, -longitude). So, if the coordinates are (-50, 50, 50) and you’re at (0,0,0), then you need to go southwest and climb up.

If you’re unsure about your location, you can press LSHIFT+G to copy your current coordinates and then you can paste them somewhere else by pressing CTRL+V.

Oh, and here’s a map overview with the statues marked:
Thanks to the original authors of the map, by the way. And if you’re just using the map, note that the seventh tiger is underground.

This time, there’s little to no description, sorry 🙂

Tiger #1

Coordinates: (-207.5, 83.5, -1167.2)

Tiger #2

Coordinates: (-679.3, 56.1, -648.8)

Hidden neatly, close to some stone blocks you can pass through. Also quite close to the edge of the map. (Just like the previous one).

Tiger #3

Coordinates: (-737.9, 0.4, 420.5)

Again near the edge of the map. Hiding behind some rock formation. An ugly tree isn’t so far away.

Tiger #4

Coordinates: (-492.4, 4.2, 818.1)

On a cliff (if I remember correctly) by the lake with the giant tree. (North of it, if you’re using the in-game pointer. To the left of it on the map).

Tiger #5

Coordinates: (632.7, -52.1, 983.7)

Just following the edge of the map towards the north (going left on the map), you will eventually follow a narrow path between the edge of the map and a mountain. The tiger is close to a rocky underpass.

Tiger #6

Coordinates: (1449.0, 37.9, 78.8)

It might be difficult to find at first. It’s close to the big monolith. South of it (right of it on the map). To the west (below the tiger location on the map), you might be able to see a tree trunk that allows you to walk above a river.

Tiger #7

Coordinates: (1004.8, 25.3, -403.3)

It’s in the waterfall cave. Not too far from the lower entrance.

Tiger #8

Coordinates: (1152.3, 106.6, -270.9)

From the previous tiger, you can either follow the cave (once you’re in the big room, climb up, exit it and then take the western exit – you can refer to the spiral cave map here )… or go out the way you came (presumably, that would be the lower entrance), follow the edge and eventually start climbing up. It’s not that far from the cave entrance, to the north of the larger of the small islands.

Tiger #9

Coordinates: (864.2, 230.0, -978.7)

From the previous statue, you can enter the cave again and use the eastern exit (if you take this route and wander into the big room, then you’ve taken a wrong turn). Or you can just climb around, I suppose.

Tiger #10

Coordinates: (1995.2, 44.6, -1350.6)

It’s in the tropical area. Resting not too far away from both bodies of water.

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