Like a Dragon Ishin: Prevent Carpal Tunnel (Chicken Race)

In this guide, I’ll show you a method to bet on the Chicken Race without suffering. (No need to press the same buttons multiple times in a row).   Settings Go to your game settings and choose Controller Layout option Edit Layout Pick a button Choose one of your controller buttons to start the betting action My … Read more

Like a Dragon Ishin: Blacksmith Rank Upgrade Guide

A guide to help you breeze through the ranks of Blacksmithing without buying, like, a thousand swords just to barely get to the next rank (lol.)   The Basics: Know how to bet on chickens, and a prerequisite would be having tons of wooden tickets already from doing so. Here’s devilleon’s guide on how that … Read more

Like a Dragon Ishin: How to Disable TAA (Stutters Fixed)

How to (possibly) fix the awful shader compilation stutters that are pretty well known in UE4 games at this point.   Switching to DX11 It’s pretty simple, and should be a toggle in game, but hey. I won’t blame the devs. I’ll blame Epic. 1. Right Click “Like a Dragon: Ishin!” and select Properties. 2. … Read more