Like a Dragon Ishin: 50% Completion, All Substories and Achievement Save Files

A collection of save files, including a game clear save, all substories save, achievement save files including 50% completion and eventually an Amon save file (just have to finish grinding the battle dungeon. These are all on legend difficulty but can be used to create a new game plus save of any difficulty.



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The saves and what they can be used for are listed below.

  • Save 1 is for the Kyo’s Little Helper achievement, just give the kid a vegetable.
  • Save 2 is for the Nominally Virtuous achievement, just give the guy who needs a fish a fish.
  • Save 3 is for The Gods Smile Upon Thee achievement should give it to you for talking to someone. I got it for talking to Miss Tatsu.
  • Save 4 is for the Making a Difference achievement, just talk to the dog near the pawn store
  • Save 5 is for the Side Hustler achievement just keep fulfilling requests for Haruka.
  • Save 6 is for the Noodle-Slinger Supreme achievement just go to the Udon shop and do your best, i did particularly well so you may have to do this more than once for the achievement.
  • Save 7 is for the Studen Among Masters achievement, just head into the sword dojo near you and do the first lesson.
  • Save 8 is for The Abyss States Back achievement, just go do a battle dungeon mission.
  • Save 9 is near the end of Chapter 6 as a good halfway point.
  • Save 10 is for three achievements, just go take a bath and you should get both the Platonic Bliss and The Gods Rejoice at Thee achievements. After that go outside and harvest all the veggies and you should also get An Honest Day’s Work.
  • Save 11 is for the Fairly Virtuous achievement, just do something to get virtue.
  • Save 12 is with the peerless pole just in case you wanna do some fishing. You can also get the achievement Now It Feels Like Home if you go to the farm house via the boat you can change interiors inside.
  • Save 13 is for the achievement Saint of Kyo, to get it just talk to the lost courier next to Teradaya.
  • Save 14 is for the achievement extraordinarily virtuous, to get it finish the substory directly in front of you.
  • Save 15 is for the achievement The Gods Sing Thy Praises, go talk to junk boy and the achievement should be yours!
  • Save 16 is with 200k gambling points, which can be used to make a lot of money, you can also get the social butterfly achievement for selling a bunch of items to the pawn store.
  • Save 17 is with the blacksmith at level 20 and all virtue items recieved.
    Save 18 is for the chef’s special achievement, cook up a meal that hasn’t been cooked yet and you’ll get the achievement.
  • Save 19 is for Divinely Virtuous achievement just deliver items at the farm house until you get the achievement.
  • Save 20 is for the World’s Greatest Uncle achievement, do stuff in the farm until you get the letter telling you to go pay that last 20 ryo at the shrine, once you’ve done that you’ll earn the achievement.
  • Save 21 is for the Bandit Rustler achievement, just head to the barracks and do the 2 final bandit cave missions.
  • Save 22 is at the end of chapter 12 at the last boss of the chapter.
  • Save 23 is for the achievement Bandit Wrangler, just finish up the last few missions in the battle dungeon.
  • Save 24 is for the achievement halfway there for getting the completion list to 50% I did this by finishing my friendships with Anna and the restaurant in Gion.
  • Save 25 is for I’ll have one of everything just go to Kitchen Aoba in Gion and order something.
  • Save 26 is for the Everybody Loves Ryoma achievement, talk to the man on the floor, give him health items until fully healed, go to a different area and return to finish the friendship, however as of writing the achievement doesn’t seem to work.
  • Save 27 is the point of no return for chapter 13. This save can also be used to get the On the Level achievement for reaching level 50, just go to the priest and buy some Training Daifuku
  • Save 28 is for both the final point of no return for the finale on legend difficulty and for the final substory which will net you the Savior of Kyo achievement, just go to the marker on the map.
  • Save 29 is the game clear save file, which can be used to create a new game plus or be used to play premium adventure.

Other Saves Coming Soon!!!

After downloading the folder, unzip it using 7zip or winrar, inside is a folder called Like A Dragon Ishin Saves open the folder and copy the files, this part is different from most the other Yakuza games so pay attention, you may need to make hidden folders/files appear in windows to find this folder, if you do not know how to do this, search on google for a guide.
To find the folder go to your taskbar and type in %appdata% a folder called roaming will appear, from there go to roaming\Sega\Likeadragonishin\ <user-id> \ and paste your saves there.

I really recommend backing up your own saves, just in case. You might need to turn off steam cloud for Like a Dragon: Ishin! for this to work, to do that, right click on Like a Dragon: Ishin! in your library and go to properties and you will see a tickbox under steam cloud in general.

Thanks to Jario for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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