Labyrinthine: The Secret Safe Guide (All Keys in Chapter 6)

SPOILERS | This manual will provide information on all the keys that are required to open the secret safe in Chapter 6.   Intro Together with the 6th chapter, the notorious mission with the safe and the five keys to open it was released into the world. And let’s be honest, many players I was … Read more

Labyrinthine: Chapter 6 Achievements Guide

Here is a short guide to help you quickly and easily pass all achievements in chapter 6.   Way down in the mines Go through Chapter 6 Seek not your fortune… Find all cards Check out the maps of the new Chapter 6 here. A noble sacrifice At the very end you need to sacrifice … Read more

Labyrinthine: New Chapter 6 Map

Tired of wandering around, getting lost at every corner? This is a complete map of level 6 with all its stages. On it you will find locations for objectives, items, and collectibles.   Intro Last chapter coming in hot! Like my map of chapter 5 this one also has a legend to help explaining any … Read more

Labyrinthine: All 10/10 Medallion Locations (Chapter 5)

This guide will cover how to find all ten medallions in chapter 5 of Labyrinthine. Spoiler Alert!!!   Medallion #1 The first medallion is located in the alligator swamp. Progress through the swamp as you normally would to collect the crowbar and the keys. When you’re at the building with the keys in it, the … Read more

Labyrinthine: Chapter 4 Memory Matching Puzzle

For those that have issues memorizing all the symbols to match for Chapter 4   Chapter 4 Memory Matching Puzzle Thanks to Skrully for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.