Kitaria Fables: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get all the achievements. Spoilers Warning! Note: Kitaria Fables doesn’t have any missable achievements, so don’t worry about them while playing through the game and possibly spoil the story for yourself.   Story Related Achievements The following achievements you’ll unlock by just playing through the game. For some, … Read more

Kitaria Fables: All Monsters, Bosses and Chests Locations (World Map)

Here is a guide for you to find all monsters, bosses and chests in Kitaria Fables.   World Map Monsters/bosses/chests in each Area Paw Village – Copper chest – Silver chest Upriver Field Green Gooey West Paw Field Green Gooey Carroo *King Gooey* River Dungeon Fluffy Shroomie – Silver chest Forest Entrance Green Gooey Carroo – … Read more