Kitaria Fables: All Quests List

The quest system in this game can be a bit confusing. I wish I wrote down which quest was started by which NPC but I did make this list after I got stuck myself. Which was when I had saved someone in a Tunnel.. I had to go to a specific guard afterwards which I didn’t visit because of the portals and never entered that map again. I have written that down by that specific quest because I expect more people get stuck at that point. Before that point, there was also a sidequest that starts because you are in Paw village during the day with sweets in your bag, but I forgot which quest that started.

[MAIN] Save the Kid
[MAIN] Dropped Belongings
[MAIN] A Package for Alby
[MAIN] The Mysterious Book
[MAIN] A Spellbook?
[MAIN] Learning Magic
[MAIN] Question the Sage
[MAIN] Defeat the River Dungeon Boss
[MAIN] Find the Ancient Relic

Visit Rivero Fortress
Farming Trial
Package for Ms. Apple
Her Favorite Dessert
For My Dear Niece
[MAIN] Broken Bridge 1
Magical Magic
Kiki’s Farming Trial 1
Useful experiment
[MAIN] Gathering Materials
Kiki’s Farming Trial 2
Treat for Kids
Eat or be Eaten
Perfect Gift
Worried Grandfather
[MAIN] Gathering Materials 2
Kiki’s Farming Trial 3
[MAIN] Gathering Materials 3
[MAIN] Gathering Materials 4

Snack Time
[MAIN] Broken Bridge 2
The faster, the Better
[MAIN] Report – Broken Bridge
Lost Hammer
[MAIN] Path to the North
[MAIN] Blocked Tunnel
[MAIN] Our Last Chance 1

Message for Canine Residents
[MAIN] Our Last Chance 2
[MAIN] Our Last Chance 3
[MAIN] Destroy the Boulder!
[MAIN] The Path is Open

Vegetable Juice 1
Vegetable Juice 2
[MAIN] Visit Sage Alby
[MAIN] Journey to Icy Mountain

Find Shelter at Mountain Field
New Report – Mountain Field
Injured Person
Hunger Attack 1
Hunger Attack 2
Hunger Attack 3
Secret Meeting
Making the Potion 1
Making the Potion 2
For the Sick
Suspicious Deal
The Cheeky Merchant
Hunger Attack 4
Running an Errand
Pineapple Tart Recipe
Waiting for the Tarts
Can I?
Kiki’s Request
Bring the Honey
Kale Dish
My Lunchbox (This quest start with the soldier outside the Fortress)
Rush Order
My Apologies
Good Food
Old Recipe
Refreshing Drinks
Gathering Information
Investigate the Beach Area
[MAIN] Investigate Once More
[MAIN] Surprise, Surprise!
[MAIN] An Unexpected Encounter
[MAIN] Find the 2nd Ancient Relic

Special Dessert
I Feel Stuffy!
A Dragon’s Hideout?
[MAIN] Key to the Cave
[MAIN] Tracking the Last Relic
[MAIN] Who is that?

Substitute Ingredient
A Warm Drink
Another Warm Drink
Ordered Dishes
Ms. Selene’s Request 1
Ms. Selene’s Request 2
Selene’s Sibling (Sunny)
Selene’s Sibling (Frosty)
Moon Light Flower 1
Moon Light Flower 2
Throat Problem
Appetizing Food
It Doesn’t Work
Delivery Time!
[MAIN] What’s the Meaning of This?
[MAIN] Did we do it right?
[MAIN] Where is the Sage?
[MAIN] Search for an Answer
[MAIN] Another Secret Metting?
[MAIN] What is Happening
[MAIN] Preparing for the Last
[MAIN] Defeat the Forgotten Shrine 1F Boss
[MAIN] Defeat the Forgotten Shrine 2F Boss
[MAIN] Last Encounter?
[MAIN] This is it!

Thanks to missiloon for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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