Kitaria Fables: How to Unlock More Inventory Space

The game doesn’t tell you how to upgrade your bag and unlock more inventory space. But I do!


This is a short guide on how you can upgrade your bag and unlock the extra two rows of inventory space. The regular vendors and crafters don’t have any option for this, and there aren’t any hints or tooltips to tell you where to go. Depending on your playstyle it can take a long time to come across this, and playing with a tiny inventory is less fun the further you progress.

Meet Pumpkin
It turns out that there is a merchant called Pumpkin that sells the bigger bags. However this vegetable vendor is a travelling one who cannot always be found in the same location. There are a few different items to be purchased from this shop, such as exclusive seeds, the most powerful sword and bow upgrades, some resources, all starter gear, and of course the two bag upgrades.

Pumpkin can pop up in several locations around the world, which seemingly is based on a semi-random pattern. Additionally, you can only access the shop in two of these locations, and only at a specific time! So you’ll just have to try a couple of evenings and hope you get lucky.

Paw Village
The first location is close to home, right in the middle of Paw Village. You need to enter the village shortly after 19:00 for Pumpkin to appear. You cannot simply wait in the village for Pumpkin to show up, as the area needs to be reloaded. So if you are in the village, you need to leave and re-enter. The shop is set up at the northern side of the village, above the little plaza.

Rivero Fortress
The second place is in Rivero Fortress, but this time Pumpkin can only be found inside the tavern standing at the counter. Here Pumpkin already appears before 19:00 but only has a conversation option. In order to access the shop, you need to leave the tavern and enter it again after that time.

Bag Upgrades
The last tab of Pumpkin’s shop has the two bag upgrades that each unlock an additional row in your inventory. As you can see in the image, the Medium Bag costs 3,000 Paw Pennies and the Large Bag will set you back 10,000.

Enjoy the extra space!

Thanks to Stapper for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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