Jungles of Maxtheria: Map (Stage 1)

Complete waltkthrough of Stage 1 from beginning to end. (More areas will follow at a later point)   Jungles of Maxtheria Map (Stage 1) Jungles of Maxtheria Map. Stage 1 walkthrough for areas minus 3 up to 56 (This is a partial map which shows the full demo game areas.). Their are 2 semi-random locations … Read more

Jungles of Maxtheria: Controller Settings (Joystick, Touchscreen and Mouse/Keyboard)

Explains the controller settings (joystick, touchscreen and mouse/keyboard).   Controller support for the menus Controller support for the menus ================================ KEYBOARD – Press the “Up Arrrow” and “Down Arrow” to move the cursor up/down AND left/right depending on the screen. – Press the “Enter Key” to select the button. MOUSE – Move the mouse pointer … Read more