Jungles of Maxtheria: Map (Stage 1)

Complete waltkthrough of Stage 1 from beginning to end. (More areas will follow at a later point)


Jungles of Maxtheria Map (Stage 1)
Jungles of Maxtheria Map. Stage 1 walkthrough for areas minus 3 up to 56 (This is a partial map which shows the full demo game areas.).

Their are 2 semi-random locations for the treasure chests and 3 semi-random locations for each key generated when the game starts. The maps shows all of the possible locations, however each game would only have one of each.

Areas: Minus 3 – 4 (Blue Door)

Areas: 05-15

Areas: 13-15

Areas: 16-20 (Green Door)

Areas: (21-25)

Areas: (26-34)

Areas: 35-39 (Red Door & Purple Door)

Areas: (40-47)
Areas: (48-54)
Areas: 55-56 (White Door) & Treasure Room

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