Jazzpunk Director’s Cut: All Console Commands

The other console command guide(s) leave out many commands because they aren’t listed in the help screen. I have a list of ALL commands the game will recognize, straight from the code.


Command list
Note: I have not tested these commands yet. This information comes from reading the code and my blurry memories.

“exit” or “quit” – Closes console
“h” or “help” – Show an incomplete list of commands
“deviceinfo” – Shows your device name, type, shader level and VRAM.
“giveroomkey” – Gives you the key to the Kai Tak hotel room (not sure if master key or not)
“clearcache” – Resets user settings
“deleteallsaves” – Obvious
“togglemustache” or “togglemoustache” – Toggles facial hair
“givelaughgun” – Give a “laugh gun”. Not sure what that is since I can’t test these right now.
“noexit” – Toggles a variable called “noexit”. Not sure what that does.
“givepheromone” – Probably gives the player the bird perfume.
“giveswatter” – Gives the player the fly swatter.
“weddingqake”, “weddingquake” or “wedding” – Starts Wedding Qake
“carfighter” – Starts car fight minigame.
“unlocktv” – Unlocks TV Man in Wedding Qake
“unlockpredator” – Unlocks the homeless man in Wedding Qake.
“rec” – Sets the game into trailer recording mode (not sure what this does).
“nobots” – Turns off bots in Wedding Qake.
“giveukelele” – Gives the player the ukulele.
“givedegausser” – Gives the player the degausser.
“siren” – Puts police sirens on screen (not sure about this one).
“givepackage” – Gives the player the package for the pigeon quest.
“cough” – Not sure, probably coughs.
“norest” – Likely disables the rendering of the sushi restaurant.
“gorest” – Probably teleports the player to the sushi restaurant.
“nopred” – Disables the “predator scenario”.
“ego” – A test command for the Editor’s ego meter.
“labtest” – Teleports the player to somewhere in the Soviet lab.
“allfood” – Dumps food on the ground.
“impulse101” – Dumps weapons on the ground.
“load puppetSubway” – Does nothing, but was probably used for the “director puppet”.
“puppetmode” – Does nothing, but was probably used for the “director puppet”.
“mic off” – Disables the puppet mic (?)
“hi” or “hello” – Makes the console say something.
“fps” – Toggles an FPS counter.
“riftmode” – Does nothing, but implies that there was VR support at some point in development.
“screensaver” – Shows a screensaver of some kind.
“clip” – Disables noclip.
“noclip” – Toggles noclip (making “clip” pointless).
“fnc” – Toggles noclip, but increases the noclip movement speed.
“iddqd” or “godmode” – Toggles god mode (probably affects Wedding Qake).
“atheistmode” – Disables god mode (useless since “iddqd” and “godmode” are toggles).
“clearachievements” – Removes all Jazzpunk achievements (don’t know if this actually works).
“deferred” – Enables deferred lighting.
“forward” – Enables forward lighting.
“ul” or “allchap” or “unlocklevels” – Unlocks all chapters on the chapter select screen.
“locklevels” – Locks all chapters on the chapter select screen.
“uc” or “allchar” or “unlockcharacters” – Unlocks all Wedding Qake characters.
“resetgame” – Resets everything.
“walkfast” – Walk fast.
“graduate” – Does nothing (maybe it did something in the first version?)
“sharewaremode” or “demomode” – Enables demo mode (probably used when demoing the game at E3 and similar).
“antialias” – Toggles anti-aliasing.
“giveruscartridge” – Gives the player the data cartridge.
“give turtle” – Turtle 🙂
“give turtle left” – Turtle :), but in left hand.
“give tube” – Puts a vacuum tube in the player’s hand.
“give brain” – Puts a brain in the player’s hand.
“give degausser” – Puts a (cosmetic) degausser in the player’s hand.
“give cartridge” – Puts a (cosmetic) data cartridge in the player’s hand.
“esh” – Gives the player scissor hands (?).
“give spider” – Puts a spider in the player’s hand.
“allspid” – Gives the player all the spiders.
“give radio” – Puts a watermelon radio in the player’s hand.
“give kidney” – Gives the player a kidney.
“explo” – Tries to load the level “thunderbirds”, but that level doesn’t exist.
“setup don bar” – Sets up the tiki bar like in the trailer.
“setup don cars” – Sets up the BP hover cars like in the trailer.
“airport” – Tries to load the airport for the trailer, but the level doesn’t exist. It does exist in the first version though.
“setup don alley” – Sets up the alley like in the trailer.
“lockheight” – Prevents the player’s height from changing.
“unlockheight” – Undoes “lockheight”.
“set fps 30” – Sets the target framerate to 30.
“set fps 60” – Sets the target framerate to 60.
“set fps 100” – Sets the target framerate to 100.
“textadventure” – A spoof of Zork.
“riftreticle” – More remains of the scrapped VR mode.
“2p” – Sets up a two player game of Wedding Qake.

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