HuniePop 2 Double Date: How to Level up Stats and Get More Gift Slots for Girls

Leveling up stats and getting more gift slots for girls


The New Currencies
We now have four “Munies”, each limited to it’s own set of items in the store.
Every gift for is arranged so that every item in each category works best for any girl who’s MOST favorite affection token type matches the one in the store. For instance Jessie’s unique gifts are the “Alcohol” type so they’re all sold in the Romance section, which is Jessie’s preferred affection type.

How do you get these currencies?

  • Going on dates! You even get some even if you fail depending on how close you were to winning! (they seem to be somewhat random this way, I think it awards mostly their preferred, then some that aren’t their least favorite type).
  • Selecting the correct dialog when talking to a girl. (Awards their preferred affection Munie)
Girl Progression
How do I get more slots for unique and shoe items? and what are those icons at the top of each girl’s profile for?

After every successful bang, you NEED to talk to both girls, after which they will introduce you to a new baggage, and open up a gift slot of each type (unique, style, AND DATE).

In other words, YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT HER BAGGAGE FOR THE EXTRA DATE GIFT SLOT. the extra passion level and style help too, but the extra date gift slot is the most important.

Stat Progression
All non-food, non-date gifts are now unique to just one person! No more giving each girl every possible gift they kinda like to unlock more hairstyles for them!
In HuniePop 2 non-food, non-date gifts are used to increase your stats!

  • Smoothies work towards increasing your affection token value level, and you get double the XP for giving it to a girl who prefer’s it’s type.
  • Shoes increase your Style XP, which is the chance a 4 or 5 match generates a power token
  • Unique gifts increase the passion XP, the overall multiplayer level like the first game.

How much should I get per item

So about 1/3 of a level for the affection levels (on easy or average)
and about 1/6th of a passion or style level.

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