IXION: Resource Management Guide (How to Move Your Resources)

Having issues moving resources? Here is a small guide to help fix the problem!   Welcome Administrator Resource management is not explained very well, and is often the bane of many administrators, both novice and experienced. To compound the issue, there is two ways to manage resources – Simplified and Advanced. Many administrators opt to use the simplified … Read more

IXION: Hard Mode Guide (I Give You the Stars)

A guide to Ixion’s hard mode   How hard mode differs from normal mode The three biggest differences between normal and hard are: 1. Less workers and more freeloaders 2. About 20% less power production from solar 3. About double the alloy consumption on hull maintenance (hard cap of 24 alloys per cycle) There are … Read more

IXION: How to Modify Your Game Files

This is a guide to direct players who are having to much difficulty in the game to allowing the game to become more easy by modifying the files of the game to disable certain aspects of the game, like disabling hull integrity, trust, etc.   Getting to the files To get to the files required … Read more

IXION: All Expedition Choices (V1.0.1.4)

/!\ This guide is updated for the version of the game and will be updated with time. /!\ It is confirmed that, both choice and science upgrade do change result in situation. How it work : Guide title : Chapter ({ Location } Name ), exemple : Prologue ({ Moon } Moon – Abandoned … Read more

IXION: Sector Specialization Requirements & Bonuses

Sectors can receive specialization bonuses by meeting a minimum number of buildings built that have the same symbol. The buildings do not need to be active.   Specialization requirements & bonuses Specialization Requirement Bonus Space T1 4 buildings Docking bays load/unload 30% faster, Hull repair 10% more   efficient Space T2 7 buildings Docking bays load/unload 30% … Read more

IXION: Hidden Achievements Guide (17/17)

List of hidden in-game achievements Spoilers of course!   Intro The game has 17 hidden achievements. Want to share their descriptions and some trigger conditions with you. Apologies for quite large images but I’m really dont want to waste time downsizing them. Access Granted Use the body of Oulixes to access the Thianki Chapter 1 … Read more