Infinity Combat Codes (January 2024): Free Rewards!

Dive into the world of Infinity Combat, where a massive conspiracy and secret treasures await. As an adventurer, it’s your mission to conquer the chaos and purify the world. Enhance your journey with these exclusive redeemable codes, offering unique rewards to aid your adventure and fortify your team.

Unlock New Adventures with These Codes!

We added two new codes on Jan. 15, 2024

Infinity Combat Gift Codes

These codes are designed to bring you closer to mastering the chaos and uncovering the secrets of the endless power in the game’s vast world. Remember, the effectiveness of these codes depends on their validity, so act fast!

Working Gift Codes:

  • FT666
  • FT777
  • FT888
  • NCF4747880A2C4
  • JOY666

Pre-registration codes:

  • JOY666 (New!)
  • NCF4747880A2C4 (New!)

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Step-by-Step Codes Redemption Guide

Redeeming your codes in Infinity Combat is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

1. Avatar Access: Start by tapping on your avatar in the game.

2. Settings Navigation: Proceed to the settings menu.

3. Redeem Code Option: Look for the ‘Redeem’ option within the settings.

4. Code Entry: Enter the provided code exactly as it appears.


About the Game

In Infinity Combat, you’re thrust into a world teetering on the brink of a massive conspiracy. Your role as an adventurer is crucial to conquer the chaos and purify the world from the threats that lurk in the shadows. With the promise of a secret treasure of endless power, your journey is not just about survival, but about discovery and domination.

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