Evil Soul Codes (February 2024): New Update!

Step into the enigmatic and shadowy world of “Evil Soul,” where danger and mystery intertwine. This guide is your lantern, illuminating the path to unlocking the secrets of redeem codes that will enhance your journey through the Tower of Darkness. In a realm where each choice shapes your destiny, these codes are powerful tools in your quest to claim the coveted “Evil Soul.”

We added two new codes on Feb. 15, 2024

Evil Soul Gift Codes

Ready to embark on your adventure with a helpful boost? Here’s the currently active code:

Working Gift Codes:

  • BEMYBAE (New!)
  • BEMYBEAST  (New!)

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Expired Gift Codes


Like a hidden spell, this code can open new possibilities in your quest. Use it wisely and promptly, as codes in this game are as ephemeral as shadows.

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How to Redeem Your Codes (Step-by-step Guide with Screenshots)

Unlocking the power of your code is an adventure in itself. Follow these steps:

1. Menu: Begin your journey by tapping on the ‘Menu,’ the gateway to your adventure settings.

2. Settings: Venture into the ‘Settings’ where you can tweak and tailor your journey.

3. Info: In ‘Info,’ you’ll find the details and secrets of your quest.

4. Coupon Code: This is where the magic happens. Tap on ‘Coupon Code’ to proceed.

5. Enter Code: Input the code and watch as the code’s power is unleashed.



In conclusion, Evil Soul [Google Play] provides an immersive and strategic gaming experience, set in a world of shadows and legends. These redeemable codes are your allies, adding layers of excitement and progress to your journey. Stay alert, as the game is constantly updated with new quests and events, offering endless possibilities and challenges.

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