I Am Future: Cozy Apocalypse Survival – Achievements, Tips and More

Here you can find all the achievements, a few tips and directions through the game.


Tips and a pair of basics

– If you want to get all the achievements in one run, you can’t eat biomass. But this should not be a problem because there is enough to eat.

– It is best to mine all the resources you can. You will need a lot to build all the necessary buildings.

– It is also advisable to mine the plants again and again so that you have enough food.

– The smart tower can only be used during the day.

– There are a few things that can only be built when you have done something or found something. For example, the robot you get only when you interact with the broken robot below the smart tower.

– It is best to complete the robots’ quest. This will give you some outfits or recipes.

– The bushes from which you get biomass or the trees are renewable resources. You can also move them using the nano-transporter to make it easier for you to harvest them.

– If the vermin annoy you, you can keep them in check by building UV towers and connecting them to a generator.

– You will get the repair kit unlocked only when one of your buildings is damaged


– Pick up the small rocket at the bottom left

– above you on the tree hangs the cybernetic hand

– Next you go to the fridge, for this you need a battery. This is in the box above the campfire
now go to the fridge again and insert the battery.

– At the campfire is a recipe for making a new campfire.

– between the Eco Vending machine and the fridge is the construction worker helmet

– now fetch the Rusty Saw. Now you can chop up trees etc. to get some wood.

– Now repair the ladder left of the refrigerator for this you need 3 x wood.Now climb up the ladder and go to sleep on the couch.

– In general you should always collect raw materials.

– Next to the couch is a brochure.

– After you have gone to sleep you will be woken up by a noise. Now go to the fridge
and remove the critter (electrosites). Now you have to remove the infected vermin losing 7 HP.

– Now build a workbench. (sheet metal + 4 x plastic)

– Now go to the gate at the top left where a vermin hangs. Remove it and the gate opens. Behind the gate on a chair lies another map. There is also a backpack on the wooden crate.

– In the new area, get the bucket in front of the elevator and the blueprint for a garden bed in the upper area.
There is also a water boiler. Disassemble it to complete a side quest and get a part for the gate.

– Left of the blueprint you have to repair the gate (2 x transformer + 1 microchip). Transformer can be made at the workbench.

– Go through the gate and up the stairs.On the right is the Nano Transporter and right behind it is an outfit.
On the left is the smart tower.Under this lies a broken robot. Disassemble it to be able to rebuild it.
At the end of the platform lies another robot. Talk to him.
After that you can pick up the Leaky Injector from him.Disassemble the robot afterwards to get a memory module.

– Now go back down the stairs and through both gates.Now remove the right plant. Use the injector for this. You will need an empty bottle.
Behind it is a simple drill on the table and there is a digital memory module.

– After that you can optionally go fishing with the elevator to buy a backpack extension at the eco machine or go down and get water.
To do this, catch the cheekfish 5 times with the fishing rod and a worm. For this you need an improved workbench.
It costs 1 memory module + 2 x transformer and 4 nails.

– Now upgrade your saw at the workbench. This costs 1 solvent.

– Now cook 5 x Nutritious Salad at the campfire. Optionally build 2 beds and plant lettuce seeds or wait until the lettuce has grown at the bridge or the smart tower.
Exchange them at the Eco vending machine for the simple hammer.

– Now repair the smart tower. For this you need 3 x matrix + 2 transformer and 4 light bulbs. Dismantle the small robot left of the smart tower for an inventory expansion.

– Talk to the refrigerator. He will give you new missions. Complete them to get recipes or outfits.

– Now start your first expedition. Visit the crashed plane. In the cockpit you will find Mariquinn. The pin is on the ticket which lies with the robot.or you look here 2619
she also has quests for you

– Next, build the crypto farm and a bio generator. You can upgrade both devices to earn more money and save resources for the generator.

– Now go back to the smart tower and fly to the dealer. This now has the drill set.

– Upgrade your drill and remove the cryo capsule near the smart tower. Behind it is a blueprint of the resource printer on the vending machine.

– Now build it to get the metal construction. With it you can build the Reinforced Hammer.

– Go back towards the Smart Tower and down the stairs to the right.
There are 4 old beds where you can find some fertilizer and the moon bulb.
At the ventilation system are 2 outfits.
Further back between the two stairs is another outfit. There is also an eco machine where you can buy a glass bulb to improve your injector.
When you pass the stairs there is a blueprint for the wooden barricade on the table.
Also disassemble all the equipment you find. So kettle etc. You need the parts to upgrade the smart tower.

– Now go fishing (if you haven’t already) and catch some fish. Then cut them up to get fish oil
With this you can make the oil can.

– Now you can build the hand pump. For this you need a pump + metal + 2 x wood and 6 x metal pipe.

– Upgrade now the smart tower for this you need 12 x metal construction + 3 x oil can and 2 x microchip
you have a new area and you can then unlock 3 new areas for 200 Krypto each

– In the area Business Center you will find the crystal ball in the game hall

– Now fly with the crystal ball, a battery and a microchip to the merchant at the amusement park and give him the things.
Now you have Prospero on your roof.

– After Prospero is on your roof a new merchant appears at the smart tower. There you can buy the steel saw blade and 2 memory modules.

– After all 3 machines are on your roof you can do a few quests so that you have all 3 at the end of the party.
Build the sprinkler for Mariquinn and prepare a burger and canapes for Earl.

– Now you have to upgrade the resource printer to be able to build the bridge.

– Now you can build the bridge:

Level 1 costs 5 wood
Level 2 costs 7 wood and 10 nails
Level 3 costs 5 wood and 6 nails
Level 4 costs 2 wood and 6 metal construction
Level 5 costs 5 wood and 6 nails
Level 6 costs 1 wood and 7 foam board
Level 7 costs 5 wood and 6 nails

– Now cross the bridge. There you will find some almonds on the left before the bar, below the Baar you will find chili.
At the fishing pier you will find an outfit and the strong fishing line to upgrade your fishing rod.
To the right of the bar you will find more Chili. Below the dressing rooms you will find a Digital Storage Device.
In front of the stage there are still almonds growing and to the right of the stage, behind a small bar, there is another Digital Storage Device.
At the end of the section you will find 2 outfits to the right of the 3 water basins and you can harvest coffee to the left of the stairs.

– At the fishing pier you will find the first game, the second game is to the right of the first bar and the third game is at the end of the section to the right of the stairs on the settee.
On the stage you will find the record.

– Go back and give the record to Mariquinn and talk to her. Invite her and Earl to the party

– now go to Prospero and give him the 3 games

– now you have to put the 3 robots at the stage and go to the microphone and interact with them

Done 🙂



There are 3 levels of fishing

you must hit either one, three or four skill checks. If you miss, the fishing will fail and the bait will be used up.


You can find it at the bottom of the fishing pier. You have to take the elevator down to it

You will need the strong fishing line. You can find it on the second roof at the fishing pier


– You can also fish without bait to fish for resources

– At the lower jetty you can get plastic, scrap metal, shell or things to disassemble like the kettle

– At the upper jetty you can get metal pipe, empty plastic bottle, microchip or things to disassemble like microwave oven.

You can get the worms by building beds, growing food and then harvesting it.

Leech tail can be dropped from the vermin.

You can make the spoon lure at the workbench. Costs 3 x plastic

The Clam can be caught on the lower fishing pier. Just fish without bait.



Some recipes you have others you need to learn and others you can get by completing the robots’ quest.



if you eat the things raw then you lose some HP at 3.

Chili -2 HP
Night mushroom -3 HP
Coffee bean -1 HP

Building including updates


Meet Earl

You need to put a battery in the fridge. It’s in the box over the campfire

Pick me up!
Pick up a leech


Leech Buffet
Have a leech eat something you planted in the garden bed.

Build a bed, plant something, and wait until it’s dark. The leeches will then crawl to the bed and start eating the plant.

Grow 20 plants in garden beds


On an expedition!
Go on your first expedition.

You can start it as soon as you have repaired the smart tower.

Retro Diva
Bring Mariquinn to the roof

This is to be found during an expedition. To do this, visit the crashed plane. It can be found in the cockpit. The pin is 2619

Vermin Warrior
Weed 100 infected vermin


Sleep 50 hours


Crypto connoisseur
Spend 2000 U coins in the stores that accept cryptocurrency

To do this, you will need to build and power a crypto farm.

Good reception
Improve smart tower to level 2


Catch 30 sea creatures

You can fish when you use the elevator or when you arrive on the second roof

Theme Park
Take Prospero to the roof

Prospero can be found at the Smart Tower at the top left of the theme park.
You will need The Crystal Ball, a battery and a microchip.

Bridge builder
Finish building the bridge to the hotel roof

Stage 1 costs 5 wood
Level 2 costs 7 wood and 10 nails
Level 3 costs 5 wood and 6 nails
Level 4 costs 2 wood and 6 metal construction
Level 5 costs 5 wood and 6 nails
Level 6 costs 1 wood and 7 foam board
Level 7 costs 5 wood and 6 nails

Design tinkerer
Unlock all construction designs at the workbench

– Torch
– Ornamental fence
– Mechanical press
– Sheet metal storage
– Plank accumulator
– Sprinkler
– Power pole (2 contacts)
– Power pole (3 contacts)
– Electric pole (4 contacts)
– Metal barricade
– Electric garden bed
– UV tower

Empty shelves
Buy everything from one of the ECO-mats

There are currently 3 machines
– the first one is on Earl’s left
– the second one is in the last section on your roof between the stairs
– the third one is on the new roof at the very back

Energy boost
Eat an energy bar

Complete all the quests from Earl and you will get the recipe

An unforgettable party!
Host a housewarming party with Earl, Mariquinn and Prospero.

Is already standing on your roof. You need to complete his quests so you can invite him at the end

Is located in the plane wreckage in the cockpit. The pin is 2619.
You have to complete her quests and find the record and give it to her.
This is located on the new roof on the stage. It also needs to be loaded.

Located at the merchant in the theme park.
You need a crystal ball, a battery and a microchip.
You can find the crystal ball in the arcade.

You will then need to find 3 games on the new roof:

– You will find the first game at the fishing pier
– the second game is to the right of the first bar
– the third game is at the end of the section to the right of the stairs on the set of seats.

then put all 3 robots in front of the stage and go to the microphone

Prepare 10 cups of energizing coffee

The recipe consists of 2 coffee beans and a drinking bottle

Tough guy
Live to see the end of the housewarming party without passing out.

Yes, just make sure your HP doesn’t drop to 0.

Sophisticated eater
Experience the end of the housewarming party without having eaten biomass

You may not eat any biomass in the entire round until the party is over.

Thanks to Martim for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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