Hydroneer: How to Reactivate Achievements After Using Mods

After a few hours of playing, the main mechanics of the game is torture if you want to create big things, I installed the Bulk Buy Crates mod, just to help me with future crazy constructions, the problem? the game disables the achievements. So with no solution on the internet and in mods, I went … Read more

Hydroneer: How to Use the Icehelm Forge (Update 2.0)

You wanna know how to use the amazing Icehelm Forge? Then you’ve come to the right place. :b In the following guide, you will learn how the forge works and what exactly it does.   Finding the Forge The forge is located in the depicted area on the map below. Once you’ve arrived, you will … Read more

Hydroneer: Easy Beginner Machine to Farm Money (Update 2.0)

This guide will show YOU how to make a small contraption to farm money early in the game.   Simple Cash Farm Mk. I First off, the image below is how our farm will look finished. It will only have the bare minimum for now, but we’ll get to potential expansions later. Required Parts for Mk. I … Read more

Hydroneer: Easy Starting Money

Hydroneer is a mining and base building sandbox game. here is the fast way to earn money and get started.   Step 1 The game wants you to think that it is a cute mining sandbox game. But really this is just a fishing sim with extra steps. Step 1 is to toil away in … Read more

Hydroneer: Moving up from the Starter Setup

Don’t know what to do with your money after making your first bars ? This is a relatively easy setup you can try out to make your shoveling a little more convenient and profitable.   Introduction From this point in the guide, you should already have a basic understanding of how the game works. You’re … Read more