Hunting Heroes Demon Awaken Codes (March 2024): Get Your Rewards!

Dive into the world of “Hunting Heroes – Demon Awaken,” where you can recruit mighty heroes, form legendary teams, and battle formidable bosses. Kickstart your adventure with these redeemable codes:

All codes work in the latest version


Latest Redeem Codes for “Hunting Heroes – Demon Awaken”

These codes may be time-sensitive and could expire. It is recommended to redeem them as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on the free goodies.

Active Codes

  • DS666
  • DEMON666
  • VIP666
  • VIP777
  • VIP888
  • DEMON777
  • DEMON888

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Expired Codes

  • nothing here

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How to Redeem Your Codes

Follow these simple steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Avatar: Start by tapping on your avatar icon, usually located at the top left corner of the game screen.
  2. Settings: Within the avatar menu, find and select the “Settings” option to proceed.
  3. Exchange Code: In the settings menu, look for the “Exchange Code” section.
  4. Enter Code: Type in one of the above-listed codes exactly as shown and confirm to receive your rewards instantly!


Game Highlights:

  • Hero Recruitment: Choose from a variety of powerful heroes to build your ultimate team.
  • Legendary Teams: Strategically assemble your team to take on challenging bosses and adversaries.
  • Magical Equipment: Equip your heroes with magical gear to enhance their combat capabilities.
  • Arena Battles: Test your skills against other players in the arena and climb the ranks for glory.

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