Dragon’s Dogma 2 Character Creator & Storage: Character Creation Template

Embark on a journey to recreate a meticulously designed character in Dragon’s Dogma 2 with this detailed screenshot guide by xAlyyy. This guide will assist you in crafting a character that not only stands out in the world of Gransys but also carries the unique essence of its creator.


Recommended Character Creation:

  1. Body Configuration:
    • Height, length, and size settings to define the core structure of your character.
  2. Head Details:
    • Adjustments to head size and form to align with the desired facial structure.
  3. Customize Your Skin:
    • Selection of skin color and sheen to reflect the character’s origin and lifestyle.
  4. Brow:
    • Customization of the brow ridge for expressive character faces.
  5. Eyes – First Set:
    • Eye shape, size, and orientation to bring character to life with a gaze.
  6. Nose Configuration:
    • Nose shape and size adjustments to complement the facial symmetry.
  7. Ear:
    • Ear size and angle settings should match the overall head shape.
  8. Cheek Contouring:
    • Cheekbone height and fullness to enhance facial structure.
  9. Mouth:
    • Lip shape and mouth positioning to complete the character’s expression.
  10. Jaw/Chin:
    • Adjustments to jawline and chin for a balanced facial outline.
  11. Hair Style and Color:
    • Selection of hair to reflect the character’s personality and backstory.
  12. Eyebrow Selection:
    • Eyebrow shape and color to complement the eyes and forehead.
  13. Eyes for Makeup:
    • Further customization of the eyes to add depth to the character’s look.
  14. Eyelashes for makeup:
    • Eyelash length and curl for a finishing touch on the eyes.
  15. Eyeshado:
    • Eyeshadow color and blend for dramatic or subtle eye effects.
  16. Eyeliner:
    • Eyeliner thickness and wing to accentuate the eye shape.
  17. Lips Coloration:
    • Lipstick style and color to complete the character’s facial aesthetics.


Through this comprehensive screenshot guide, you can recreate xAlyyy’s character in Dragon’s Dogma 2, capturing the essence and detail that make the character unique. Also, you can create your own character to your preference.

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