Hood Outlaws & Legends: Maps Reference & Tips

A (somewhat) complete reference of the maps, along with some tips & strategies.


Map mechanics & general tips

Map generation & key points
  • Spawn (  ) and extraction (  ) points are fixed.
  • Capture points ( “cap” ) will either be drawn from a finite amount of ‘sets’ (and always fixed relative to each other), or semi-random. In case of semi-random capture points, the screenshots show all major points – small variations won’t be added, for obvious clarity purposes (e.g. inside a house/just outside said house).
  • Some maps have outstanding sniper positions – those will be added when needed (with snippets and sniper arrows –  ), based on our group personal experience. This will be highly subjective, but worth checking (even if you’re not playing Robin, as one experienced sniper on the opposite team can wreck havoc on your teammates).
Extracting the chest

Choosing the correct extraction point can define the outcome of the game – assuming both team are working properly together and roughly the same skill level.

  • Some maps have extraction points closer to your ‘home’, and bringing the chest to that location is usually the best strategy. Keep in mind that most of those extracts have huge downsides, usually “What the hell is that enemy sniper doing up there ?” – maintaining control of the closest capture point is not optional, even if that means leaving someone there to protect it.
  • Even with balanced extraction points, what characters you’re playing vs. what the opposing team is playing will impact the fights – having skilled Robin(s) works best with clear lines of sight (e.g. the northern scaffolding on Graveyard) whereas bushes and small pathways means that a double-Marianne would be devastating (e.g. the southern garden on Graveyard).

Citadel – “Lionsdale”

Global layout

Character overview & strategies
  • Losing the chest to the opposite team usually means “roadtrip” – having a John is pretty much required on this map.
  • The “Woodland bridge” extraction point is a last resort choice – you won’t have any advantage here, any dead player will return pretty fast and Robin can take you out from the other side of the bridge.

Coastal – “Caer Merthyr”

Global layout

Character overview & strategies
  • The two “docks” extractions points are connected to the basement of their respective side – providing a quick and stealthy route to the extract.
  • Having at least one Robin is vital – even one sniper can prevent an entire team from extracting if left alone. Some interesting sniper spots :

Graveyard – “Gwydion’s Rest”

Global layout


Character overview & strategies
  • The “Docks” extraction points favors experienced snipers – staying in the scaffoldings means you can kill pretty much anyone in the northern courtyard, while being somewhat safe from retaliation.
  • The “Garden” extraction points favors pre-made (and coordinated) teams and close combat characters (someone said “Marianne” ?), due to the massive amount of cover and concealment.
  • The basements can be used to move around undetected, and connect pretty much the entire map – use them.

Marshlands – “Newton Abbas”

Global layout

Character overview & strategies
  • Losing the chest to the opposite team usually means “roadtrip” – having a John is pretty much required on this map.
  • Due to huge open areas and great sniper spots, having a Robin is also a requirement – extracting on “Ruins” means it’s open season for any Robin lurking in the nearby bushes, and both east/west extraction points have outstanding sniper spots on the main walls (with ammo refills nearby, so don’t expect them to run out of arrows).

Outpost – “New Barnsdale”

Global layout

Character overview & strategies
  • Having a Robin on the walls is useful, as it means keeping a capture point and being annoying as hell for the opposing team – there’s line of sight both to the courtyard and the extraction points. There’s also a couple towers on the east side that provides great sniper spots.

By Merriadeck

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